The 10 Best Rapala Fillet Knife 2023

So you finally landedthe fish you have been targeting? That’s great but you now need to think about how you are going to make a delicious meal out of it.

Of course, no one is going to enjoy your fish if it has bones in it and this is where the best Rapala fillet knife comes in.

This knife has to be:

  • Flexible
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Rust resistant

We are here to help you make the right choice so stay put to find out how.

Best Rapala Fillet Knife

Rapala Fillet Knives: Comparison list

To make the job even easier for you, we have compiled the following brief list for your reference. Detailed reviews are provided in successive paragraphs.

RankingNameBlade LengthWeight
1Rapala Fish n Fillet Superflex Knife6 inches6.4 ounces
2Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife7 1/2 inches1.3 pounds
3Rapala 4-Inch Bait Knife4 inches4 ounces
4Rapala NK03039-BRK Fish N Fillet7-1/2 inch.4.8 ounces
5Rapala Deluxe Falcon Fillt 6 w/shrpnr6 Inches5.6 ounces
6Rapala 9″ Fish’n Fillet Knife9 Inches8 ounces
7Rapala6 Soft Grip Fillet7-1/2-Inch7.2 ounces
8RapalaPresentation Fillet Gray Laminate Handle 66 inches6.4 ounces 
9Rapala Electric Fillet Knife7 1/2 inches24 ounces
10Rapala EZ Glide Fillet Knife3.2 ounces

1. Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Knife

Are you wondering how you can fillet faster yet efficiently? Try out this electric knife from Rapala with a heavy duty motor alleged to provide twice the speed and three times the power.

This knife has reciprocating blades that are stated to be efficient. Besides that, the blades are made of quality materials for durability.

Key Features

The knife is claimed to be sharp, which makes using it effortless. You can also clean the knife in the dishwasher as the manufacturer says this is safe.

Using the knife around your working table is possible due to the 8-foot cord. But you have to connect it to the power source all through the filleting process.

This seems like a good filleting knife but the handle is somehow bulky in order to accommodate the motor. Consequently, holding the knife for long is said to be uncomfortable and tiring.


  • Reciprocating blades
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sharp edge
  • Heavy duty motor


  • Uncomfortable handle size

2. Rapala Fish n Fillet Superflex Fish Cleaning Knife

When filleting, a flexible blade is likely to get you cleaner cuts. This may be the reason Rapala have a thin blade, said to be flexible.

For safety, there is a sheath included for storing and carrying your knife. The sheath is made of leather for durability.

Key Features

Rapala has designed their Superflex filleting knife with a non-stick coating. As such, flesh sticking on the knife’s blade is unlikely to happen.

The blade on the knife is made of stainless steel. This is alleged to prevent corrosion and rusting, prolonging the knife’s period of usage.

Customers have reported that the knife works well but it loses edge fast. You have to sharpen it frequently as filleting requires a sharp edge.


  • Stainless steel blade
  • Leather sheath included
  • Non-stick coating
  • Thin flexible blade


  • Loses edge fast

3. Rapala 4-Inch Bait Knife

Have you noticed a bad odor from your knife’s sheath and are looking for a way to solve the problem? The Rapala 4-Inch Bait knife has an open sheath that allows air circulation to prevent bad odor.

The handle on the knife is molded for a secure grip, which enables you to control the knife. In addition, there is a finger guard on the handle to prevent accidental cuts in case your finger slips.

Key Features

This knife is said to have a sharp edge which it retains for a long time. The upper part of the knife’s blade is serrated to help with bait cutting.

Losing your knife is likely to be a thing of the past as the handle has a hole where you can attach a lanyard. You can hang the knife within reach or hang it around your neck with a strap.

The blade is made of stainless steel, which is supposed to be resistant to corrosion and rust. However, some customers have reported that the blade rusted, causing them to dispose the knife.


  • Molded grip handles
  • Open sheath
  • Serrated top edge
  • Sharp edge


  • The blade rusts

4. Rapala NK03039-BRK Fish N Fillet Knife

Have you been searching for a durable filleting knife? According to Rapala, their NK03039-BRK knife is durable because it is full tang knife with minimal issues of the handle and blade separating when in use.

The stainless steel blade is said to withstand corrosive elements. As such, you can use it as a saltwater fishing knife and it is unlikely to rust.

Key Features

The blade is alleged to be flexible, making the knife seem like a good choice for filleting. You can remove the flesh from the fish without tearing it.

You can safely carry the knife anywhere as it has a leather sheath. Besides that, the birch vanished handle gives this knife a classic appearance.

Rapala has included a single-stage sharpener with their knife. The sharpener comes in handy as customers have reported that the knife requires frequent sharpening.


  • Birch vanished handle
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Single stage sharpener included
  • Leather sheath for safety


  • Does not retain its edge

5. Rapala Deluxe Falcon Fillet Knife

Rapala designed their Deluxe Falcon knife with a slip-resistant handle. As such, dealing with fish is likely to be safe since you have more control of the knife.

The sheath for storing the knife has a sharpener in it. So you can sharpen your knife whenever necessary and losing the sharpener is prevented.

Key Features

This knife’s blade is said to retain its edge for a long time. In addition, the stainless steel blade is durable and claimed to resist rust and corrosive elements.

There is a finger guard on the knife’s handle to help prevent accidental cuts. The handle also has a hole where you can attach a lanyard or neck strap.

Some customers find the blade to be a bit stiff for filleting. However, they say you can still use the knife but with utmost care not to damage the flesh.


  • Slip-resistant handle
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Sheath with sharpener
  • Finger guard feature


  • Stiff blade

6. Rapala 9” Fillet n Fish Knife

Having to sharpen your knife while filleting can be time consuming and challenging. This may be the reason for Rapala designing a knife that is said to retain a sharp edge even after several uses.

The knife has a full tang blade that is meant to be durable. Besides that, the blade is said to be flexible for effortless filleting.

Key Features

You can avoid injuries by keeping your knife in the sheath provided. The sheath is made of leather and alleged to be durable.

When you need to sharpen your knife, use the single stage sharpener included in the packaging. The sharpener is alleged to be easy to use.

The birch vanished handle is appealing but it is said to get slippery when wet. In addition, wood is likely to keep odors, considering you have to work on a lot of fish.


  • Tapered knife
  • Full tang blade
  • Single-stage sharpener included
  • Sharp blade edge


  • Slippery handle

7. Rapala Soft Grip Fillet Knife

In case you have to fillet many fish, your comfort is important. A soft textured handle may be what you need to prevent hand strain and palm injury, Rapala Soft Grip fillet knife seems like a good option.

The handle has a finger guard since wet fingers can slip to the blade. Therefore, finger injuries are likely to be prevented.

Key Features

A filleting knife’s flexibility is sometimes equated to performance. This knife is claimed to have a flexible blade hence you are likely to get flesh from the bones efficiently.

The edge on this knife is alleged to be sharp. This helps to have clean cuts while removing the fish flesh from the skin.

This knife is said to be unhygienic. The bolster is not sealed to the handle, which is likely to harbor dirt.


  • Molded textured handle
  • Flexible blade
  • Black sheath included
  • Sharp edge


  • Harbors dirt

8. Rapala Presentation Fillet Knife

Does your fillet stick on the knife so often? Rapala Presentation Fillet Knife with a PTFE coated blade, meant to prevent sticking, seems like a good solution.

This knife is said to be durable. We can attribute this to the stainless steel blade construction with corrosion resistant features.

Key Features

In its leather sheath, you can carry the knife anywhere. The leather sheath is for storing the knife and it helps to prevent injury.

Apart from being flexible, the knife is alleged to have a sharp edge. These features are essential for a stress-free filleting process.

The taper on this blade is claimed to enable you control the knife. However, the handle is likely to slip when wet since it is made of wood.


  • Laminated handle
  • Sharp edge
  • Flexible blade
  • Sheath included


  • Handle slips when wet

9. Rapala Electric Filleting Knife

Did you know that instances of the knife handle heating up are avoidable? This knife has the advanced air flow designed motor, said to cool the motor as it runs.

When you purchase this electric fish fillet knife, you get a fillet fork. You can use the fork to hold the fish instead of your hand.

Key Features

You have to connect this knife to the power source to be able to use it. The 7-foot power cord is said to be sufficient.

This knife has a stainless steel blade. Besides being strong, the serrated edge is alleged to be sharp.

Unfortunately, some customers have complained about the knife’s blade. They find it to be very stiff for filleting.


  • Non-slip handle
  • Sharp blade
  • Sufficient length cord
  • Fillet fork included


  • Stiff blade

10. Rapala EZ Glide Fillet Knife

Rapala states that their knife is efficient for filleting. The scalloped edge is claimed to enhance its performance.

The blade on the knife is coated. As such, fish flesh is unlikely to stick as the knife is said to glide through.

Key Features

The sheath for this knife is open. This makes it easy to clean and helps to prevent the accumulation of odor-causing bacteria.

This knife has a thermoplastic handle that is stated to provide a secure grip. Moreover, the handle is also comfortable for long use.

One disadvantage with this knife is how long it is said to take to get sharp. Some customers complained that it took long to sharpen this filleting dagger.


  • Non-stick blade
  • Thermoplastic handle
  • Open sheath
  • Tapered blade


  • Takes long to get sharp

Best Rapala Fillet Knife: How to Pick

There are several things you need to consider prior to purchasing a best fishing fillet knife including:

The Blade

This is the most important component of a fillet knife because it is what will determine how clean your cut will be.

The blade on your knife should be rust-resistant because it will be exposed to moisture on a regular basis.

You want to get a stainless steel blade because rust can negatively affect the performance of your knife.

Handle Grip and Comfort

As you use your fillet knife, you want it to have a comfortable grip and handle for purposes of making the process of dicing and slicing easier.

Fillet knives are mostly used by anglers so chances are that you will be using yours with wet hands. A non-slip grip comes in handy here.

Electric or Manual

Fillet knives can be either manual or electric. Whichever you choose depends on the results you want to achieve.

For instance, an electric knife works faster and gives cuts that are more precise. If you fillet different fish species, you may want to opt for an electric knife because most come with extra interchangeable blades to suit different fish sizes.

If you are not keen about such details, you can go for a manual knife, which will be cheaper as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have answered a few commonly asked questions that can be helpful in one way or another.

Can I use a kitchen or pocketknife to remove bones from meat instead of a fillet knife?

While that is possible, we do not encourage it. This is because kitchen and pocket knives are not designed with delicate meat in mind.

As such, they may not deliver the precise cut you are looking for. These knives are also not as flexible and may end up make the filleting process difficult.

What size fillet knife do I need?

You need to pick a size depending on the size of fish you will be filleting. The bigger the fish, the bigger the knife should be.

That said; smaller blades allow for cutting at intricate angles.

Can I wash my fillet knife in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can. Nevertheless, this can weaken the handle and blade over time.

Best Overall Choice

Our best Rapala filet knife is the Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Knife. We like it because it has reciprocating blades for efficiency. In addition, this filleting knife is dishwasher safe.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, you cannot afford to do without a fillet knife if you deal with delicate meat such as fish. Making the right choice can be difficult but once you understand your needs better, it should not be as hard.

With this guide at your disposal, we are sure you could never go wrong in making that choice.

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