How much does a Fishing Boat and Kayak Cost? Latest Details

Owning a boat or a kayak is one of the greatest achievement of any fisher. Boats and kayaks are usually quite expensive. This is due to their low demand. As a buyer, you need to be price conscious. How much you are willing to spend on aboat or kayak? It is simple, come up with a budget.

Fishing over large water bodies has been a bottleneck to a lot of fishers. This is where the boat and kayaks come in handy. They make fishing easier and simpler. Amazingly, they are not very heavy and thus portable. You can even transport them to your backyard!

How much does a Fishing Boat and Kayak Cost

Factors to consider when looking for a fishing boat or kayak

Here are some of the crucial factors one needs to keep mind when shopping for a watercraft. This way, you can increase your value for money.

Think over it

Considering that this is a major purchase, don’t be in a hurry. A good deal can only be made when you walk away from the bargaining table without regrets. Any seller who sees a confused buyer may take advantage of you. They can give you something that is not worth your money.

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Research on the make and model

Make the internet your best friend. Here you get information on the various type and models. You can then finally decide on what is convenient for you.

Create a budget

Sit down and make a pocket-friendly budget. This will save you from the idea of overspending.

Where to buy?

Research on the various available dealers. You may even compare the products they offer and their prices.

Fishing Boat 

If your sole purpose is fishing, then a fishing boat should come in handy. It has been primarily used over the centuries for fishing. Canoes are also nice option. You can find more information about canoes vs kayaks here.

Types of Fishing Boats

You should be able to choose a fishing boat that suite your needs. There are various models available in the market.

The console

There are two types; the center console and the dual console. With the center console, the helm is located exactly at the center. The wide floor space enables it to have all-around access to water. It is absolutely one of the best fishing boats. In addition, it is enabled to cast in all directions.

The dual console has casting space at the rear and front parts. This doesn’t limit its capabilities for fishing. The advantage is that they have more storage and sitting capacity.

Offshore Boats

The unique feature is that they have enough size. This makes it able to navigate large waves without posing any danger to its occupants. Its design enables it to go into the deeper waters. It can also travel very far away from the land.

Flats-fishing Boats

This boat is good for shallow water fishing. These boats have fewer luxuries and can be maneuvered easily. They offer a lot of fun fishing at the shores. It has live-wells and rod storage as some of its essential fishing features.

Bay Boats

A bay boat is a combination of small flats –fishing boats and the large offshore boats. Their sizes help them maneuver easily within the waves and large waters.

Inflatable Boats

They are inflated with air. Good for shallow water fishing.

What are the costs of fishing boats?

It’s your decision to spend as much as you may want on a fishing boat. You can either buy a second-hand one that is in good use or go for a brand new one. The costs vary according to the type of boat you need to purchase.

The price for a brand new regular 22-foot boat is around $35000.they majorly have outboard motors and in some don’t have cabins.  These types of boats are normally seen on lakes and rivers. You can get the smaller ones at around $20,000.

The large motorboats like the bay boats are also referred to as cruisers.Most of them are electric or fuel powered. Both the new and used ones are quite expensive. They cost above $50000.

An inflatable dinghy boat is among the cheapest ones. It can cost you around $5000. Be sure to use it only in the shallow waters.

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Fishing Kayaks

A kayak is a type of a canoe thatis made of a light watertight frame.  It has asmall space for sitting on the top. Kayak fishing has been used for a long time and its use is increasing day by day. Owning a kayak is becoming a must for any serious angler.

 They are small in size and easily portable. Don’t worry about where to store it as you can easily make it as chair in your living room.

Types of fishing kayaks and their costs.

Kayaks are divided into two categories; flat water and white water kayaks. Flatwater fishing kayaks mainly sit on top and include pedaling kayaks, inflatable flat water kayaks and the sit on top or sit inside.White water fishing kayaks, on the other hand, include river runners, inflatable or duckies and the old school kayaks.

The cost varies depending on the type of kayak. Generally, inflatable kayaks are the cheapest. Their prices may start from as low as $200. These are commonly used by beginners who want to fish in ponds and small lakes.

You can find some nice non-inflatable kayaks at pocket-friendly prices. The market costs are around $500 to $3000. The costs shall depend on the type of kayak.

If you are a rough water enthusiast you might have to buy kayaks that are sea friendly. Sit on or in kayaks and the pedaling kayaks are used on these waters. Be ready to part with a minimum of $1000. The prices can go to as high as $5000.

Moreover, buying a boat or a kayak comes with additional costs. You must plan on where you are going to store them and the transportation costs involved. Above all, put aside insurance and maintenance costs.

Bottom line

Fishing kayaks and boats make a life for fishers easier. It is even more exciting that you go fishing using your own boat or kayak. This will be cost effective in the long run. This will make your journey to fishing more adventures.

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