Do You Need A Fishing License For Catch And Release? Important Points To Note

Fishing, to some people could pass as a simple recreational activity especially if one is doing so to unwind. You can try catching fish through hand gathering, netting, angling, trapping and spearing. The rules are different from one state to another about a fishing license.

As such, you will end up at the wrong side of the law for fishing without a license, even if your intention is to release the fish. Having that in mind, it is important for you to find out the rules of fishing license of the state you are in. For instance, what is applicable for you in Florida may not be applicable for you in California.

Do You Need A Fishing License For Catch And Release

Why do you will need a fishing license?

You could be questioning why you need a fishing license especially if you are sure of your intention to release back the fish to its natural habitat. However, it’s important to note that some people can lie about it and end up doing it commercially. Hence with a fishing license, the state is able to keep people in check.

Why do states set up licensing requirements for you?

You should understand that anywhere law is not being observed, disorder will be order of the day. Hence, the state sets requirements that you should adhere to for the safety of the fish. If we fish recklessly without caution, then in the near future you wouldn’t have anything to fish.

The requirements include: who is to fish, when should you fish and how you should carry out the fishing.

You can get the fishing license in different packages depending on: the type of fishing, based on a salty water body or a fresh water body. The length of duration which you choose to fish is also considered.

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Do you still need a license for fishing in private land?

I know your answer to this is probably no, however, hold on. You will still need a fishing license, unless all the water is held entirely on that land. Furthermore, if it is a private pond, you are exempted from having a fishing license. This is allowed as long as you don’t engage in commercial purposes.

Can you be exempted from getting a fishing license?

I know everybody would want an exemption, but wait, rules should be followed. A state like Florida allows certain people to fish without a license. These include: if you are a child sixteen years and one the opposite end too, if you are a senior resident of sixty-five years and above.

If you are permanently physically handicapped, you are also exempted from getting a fishing license. If you go fishing with a hired boat that has a valid license, you will not need to have a fishing license.

Can you use a saltwater fishing license in freshwater?

The answer is no. You need a fishing license for both in most states. You could save some money by getting both licenses, if you are completely certain that you will be fishing in both.

What is the type of fishing license that you can acquire?

It is important to abide by the type of license that you have. You can get a sports fishing license or a conservation license. In sport fishing license, you can catch majority of the fish. Meanwhile, for a conservation license, it’s a best fit if you release back most of the fish that you have caught. Hence, conservation license is cheaper.

Why you will need a fishing permit

You have to keep in mind that fish can’t be all maintained in the same way. Additionally, fish population varies from one species to another. In such a case, you will need an aquatic resource permit. You acquire this if you take part in scientific and academic researches.

You could be wondering what benefits are there after you get a fishing license, here are a few:

You help keep up the natural fish habitat

For instance, in Massachusetts, the proceeds from fishing licenses goes into using sonar, GPS technology to map the habitat. You understand that the more the fish experts understand the habitats well, they are able to find a problem and enhance solutions. This ensures the safety of the habitat.

You help improve water quality

If there is a huge reason that can mess up things, is water quality. Having projects that make sure the water is clean ensures the future generation of fish. The license that you pay assists in that.

You help plan for long-term conservation

The fishing license fees you pay-aid in long-term conservation of our lakes and rivers. With good quality and measure, there is an aquatic ecosystem balance, hence the fish thrive.

What you should not do without a fishing license

Under law, there are several things that you should not attempt to do without a fishing license. You should not trap fish or parts of them for any reason whatsoever. You should not buy or sell the fish too without a license. Additionally, you should not trap a fish or any part of them if wounded.

What happens if you will be caught fishing without a license

As this will be breaking a law, if you will be caught fishing without a license, being a first timer, you will be pay a fine. When you are caught for more than once, it will be unfortunate as you will get a jail term.

For instance, in Florida, if you will be caught for the first time fishing without a license, you will pay the cost of the license and an extra fifty dollars as a fine.

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In conclusion

It is necessary to have a fishing license if you intend to take part in any fishing activity, unless there is an exemption. You should also follow rules to the letter of the type of license you have. You should remember, by abiding the laws of fishing, you will enjoy your fishing experience peacefully.

We hope that the tips and tidbits provided above will help you make an informative bet when applying for your fishing license to catch and release. All the best.

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