10 Best Rod for Walleye Fishing in 2023 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Although walleyes are more famous for their meat, most anglers still respect them as sport fish. Their light bite makes the process of catching them even harder.

This is where the best rod for walleye fishing comes in. Picking a suitable rod will largely depend on how you intend to fish.

Your rod of choice should be robust enough to firmly set the hook and tackle large fish; yet subtle enough for you to perceive that delicate take.

We are about to explain how to pick the perfect rod, so keep reading to find out how.

Best Rod for Walleye Fishing

Top 10 Walleye Fishing Rods: Comparison Table

Here’s a brief table of the top-rated rods among Walleye anglers. We’ve kept it brief and to the point. Kindly keep scrolling if looking for detailed reviews.

1St. Croix ECS68MXF Spinning Fishing Rod7 Feet0.8 ounces
2G loomis Walleye Fishing Rod4.8 ounces
3Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rods6 Feet 6 inches57.6 ounces
4Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Spinning Fishing Rod6 Feet 6 inches22.4 ounces
5UglyStik medium spinning rod6 Feet 6 inches7.2 ounces
6kastkingwideEye walleye fishing rod6 Feet 2 inches46.4 ounces
7Shakespeare Micro Series Spinning Rod5 Feet 6 Inches32 ounces
8Tica WMVA Bass and walleye casting rod7 Feet 11 Inches9.6 ounces
9Fenwicks Eagle spinning rod6 Feet 6 inches 4.8 ounces
10Okuma’s fishing eye walleye fishing rod4.8 ounces

1. St Croix Eyecon spinning rod

This affordable spinning rod has been one rod that has high performance and contains the best features for your fishing experience at all weathers.

On top of that, this rod will allow you to do various fishing designs and tricks to get your prey easily and without much strain, for example, vertical jigging drifts en float and many others.

Key features  

The St Croix Eyecon spinning rod uses a special split EVA and cork grip, which enhances comfort at the hand while handling big fish and vigorous ones.

Indeed, this fishing rod is made of ceramic inserts and solid aluminum oxide rings which enable you to maintain your fishing line for longer.


  • Very sensitive
  • High-quality materials
  • Sturdy and efficient


  • Not for beginners

2. G. Loomis walleye series 

This fishing rod id best for a professional walleye angler who uses it for commercial fishing consistently without any problems.

Besides, this rod has very cool features, and you have varieties to choose from because it comes with different speeds and lengths.

Key features 

The G. Loomis walleye series is made in a way that it does not weigh on your hand and is very sensitive to the walleyes movement.

Additionally, this rod has an ergonomic design construction at the handle to provide for a comfortable grip and non-slip experience of all times.


  • Only for walleye fishing
  • Hand slip-free
  • Lightweight rod


  • Not suitable for other fish types

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3. Cadence spinning rod, CR5-30 with carbon casting 

This is a rod with improved technology and enhanced fishing techniques, and tricks that it can perform are maneuver all kinds of walleye fish.

Besides, this rod is made using stainless steel and graphite, which makes it durable, and the stainless parts help in guiding you while fishing. 

Key features 

The Cadence spinning rod, CR5-30 with carbon casting, has Fuji reel seat, EVA handle, and high-quality cork that makes this rod ideal.

Additionally, the cadence fishing rod comes with two kinds of handles that will suit you and your technics of fishing.


  • Constructed using strong materials
  • Used for various fish types
  • Comfortable


  • Not comfortable for long hours

4. Fenwicks Elite tech walleye fishing rod 

This fishing bar is said to be one of its kind, especially in the technology it is built on to outdoes all the fishing tricks that any angler would look for.

Furthermore, it features a TAC and handles that do not have the normal reel heads to remove and do away with an uncomfortable experience.

Key features 

This rod has a very able and outstanding make in the handle and the rod itself for strength while fishing the aggressive walleyes.

For a stronger and unshakable performance, the rod is designed to be shorter, which allows you to cast and retrieve the line quickly.


  • Has design is innovative
  • Has a medium power range
  • Fast action


  • Shorter for long-range

5. UglyStik  medium spinning rod 

The Ugly Stikmedium spinning rod is believed to be the best due to its strength and sensitivity when it comes to hunting the walleyes.

In many cases, one would prefer a rod that has more than one design, and this rod has two fish designs to help you switch the one suitable for you.

Key features

The Ugly Stik medium spinning rod is built from strong and lightweight materials such as graphite and other materials for sensitivity and swiftness.

Besides, the rod is equipped with a cork handle for a proper and suitable grip that offers anti-slip texture for all fishing conditions.


  • Super sensitivity for walleye
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Comfortable grip


  • The set up has to be perfect.

6. kastkingwideEye walleye fishing rod 

This fishing rod is best for walleye because of its sensitivity, light weight, and its ability to deal with big and aggressive fish in the seas.

Similarly, the kastkingwideEye walleye fishing rod is constructed with a hollow carbon IM9 to detect the walleye movement at all times. 

Key features 

This fly fishing rod is equipped with Fuji TCS reel seats with frame and line guides to easy in the casting of the lines into the water. 

The weight-reducing techniques that they use are quite remarkable when it comes to the long hours fishing and retrieving o fish.


  • Ultra-sensitive
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight material construction


  • Requires time to get used

7. Shakespeare micro fishing rod 

The Shakespeare micro fishing rod very years has been regarded as the best fishing rod for the walleye due to the tricks it uses in catching these fish.

Furthermore, the handles are made from special corks for comfort and anti-slip measure for a firm grip while fishing all day.

Key features 

This rod has been built with a duo design and made from graphite for lightweight experience, and the duo deigns for strength and endurance.

Besides, for the reel, there is a smart cushion for the hand and also protecting it from rust and other rough elements.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Collapsible into two pieces


  • Tip is fragile

8. Tica WMVA Bass and walleye casting rod 

Tica WMVA Bass and walleye casting rod is preferably the best fishing rod for more aggressive and robust fishing techniques.

Additionally, the rod is known for its capability to troll, and it is said to have a finer durable and stable texture.

Key features 

This fishing rod is one of the longest in the markets with a height of 7 feet suitable for a medium power and fast action in the seas.

Furthermore, it is constructed with graphite and is equipped with Fuji aconite guides to help you have accurate fishing goals.


  • Medium power
  • Wide range of weights
  • Fast action


  • Cheap quality

9. Fenwicks Eagle spinning rod

This rod is famously known for the two pieces it comes with for portability and does not take up most space.

Additionally, the construction of the rod is lightweight due to the hollow graphite material that is used to make it more efficient.

Key features 

The Fenwicks Eagle spinning rod is crafted with a B2 burled cork on the handle for a more firm grip, which is more durable and resistant to corrosion.

Besides, the rod is enhanced with stainless steel metal to boost strength and make the fishing bar durable.


  • Chipping resistant
  • Ultra-sensitive
  • Has a duo piece model 


  • Duo setting has to be correct

10. Okuma’s fishing tackle dead eye walleye fishing rod

Okuma’s fishing tackle dead eye walleye fishing rod has been classified as one of the best for walleye anglers who are professionals.

Additionally, it is well made to suit all walleye anglers due to its clean and outstanding features for all anglers who seek a smart fishing rod. 

Key features 

This rod has a length of 7 foot, is in one piece, and has a medium-light power for easy rolling in and out of the line.

The IM8 rod blanks used to make this rod are highly responsive when it comes to catching strong and faster walleye, with EVA grip for durability.


  • Stylish and sleek
  • Durable and efficient
  • Sensitive


  • Less portable

Selecting the Perfect Rod for Walleye Fishing

As you plan to purchase your fishing rod, you need to keep in mind that there are three kinds of rods for walleye fishing designed for the different angling styles.

We are going to take you through the rods so that you decide which one suits your kind of fishing best.

These rods are:

Spinning Rods

Since your target is walleye, the best spinning rod for that is one that is not too light or heavy. Our recommendation here would be to get a fast action rod that is of light to medium power.

Trolling Rods

Trolling is a kind of fishing that is best executed with heavy rods. This is because this kind of fishing has a tendency of piling massive pressure on fishing gear.

Therefore, heavy power rods are most suitable for trolling.

Jigging Rods

Sensitivity is all that matters when it comes to jigging fishing style. In that regard, you want something with an extremely sensitive tip and lightweight as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a question or two about this topic so we have answered a few below that could be helpful.

How do I catch a lake walleye?

The best way is by using live bait. This offers you as the angler flexibility of presentations.

Can I catch walleye during the day?

During the day, walleyes tend to be sluggish and will often come out at night to feed. Of course, you can use bait to lure them through the day but it will be difficult.

Just before sunset, big walleyes begin to come into shallower water and this is when they really start to feed.

Best Choice

If we were to pick just one rod for the job, we’d go for none other than the St Croix Eyecon spinning rod. We like the fact that it’s highly sensitive and sleek. Also, it has all the features needed for comfortable all-day fishing.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell by now, there is no general fishing rod for walleyes. As such, it is essential to find one that suits your fishing style.

This way, you can do away with any guesswork and concentrate on catching larger fish.

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