Top 15 Best Underwater Fishing Lights 2023: Unbiased Insights

Often times, you will cast out your line to catch fish if you love angling.Have you thought about night fishing though? It is one of the greatest angling experiences but it will require the use of lights.

To get the best underwater fishing lights, we have put together this guide that will equip you with all the knowledge you need.

Best Underwater Fishing Lights

Top-Rated Underwater Fishing Lights: Comparison Table

Here’s a list to help you zero-in on the right fishing light. You can use it as a time-saver or to simply get the lay of the land.

1Fire Water Marine-Underwater 12V-LED Fish Finder LightGreen3 pounds
2Lightingsky Underwater-FishingGreen1 pounds
3Lumitec 101320 SeaBlazeX Spectrum LED Boat LightRGBW2 pounds
4600 LEDs Light Strip WaterproofGreen0.45 pounds
5The Green Lantern Underwater-Fishing LightGreen0.75 pounds
6Saltwater & Freshwater Green Underwater Dock Light20 pounds
7Amarine Made Green 12v-24v 8W 180 LEDGreen1.2 pounds
8Green Blob Outdoors New Underwater LED Fishing LightGreen
9Amarine Made 12v 180 LED 10.8W 900 Lumens LureGreen0.95 pounds
1012V 120 LED 1000 Lumens Lure Bait Finder120 LED/10.5W0.75 pounds
11Goture 12V 10.8w 180 LEDs Submersible Fishing LightGreen 1 pounds
12SAMDO Underwater Fishing Light Fish Lightgreen1.1 pounds
13Bright Night Fishing 25ft Cord Battery clamp Under Water3 pounds
14Quarrow Nebo-36, 90, 180-LED Green Fishing Light1.2 pounds
15Agool-Underwater Night Fishing LightBlue0.8 pounds

1. Fire Water Marine-Underwater 12V-LED Fish Finder Light

Overcome night fishing challenges with an effective LED-fishing light. This greenish 12v-LED lighting system for attracting fish is among the brightest in the market with 10,000 lumens. You can use it for attracting both small and big fish types.

Offering 50,000 hours, this high quality light is durable and will last many years. The unit is constructed with industrial-grade materials, making it heavy duty. With a salt-sealant that is salt-resistant, it is a sturdy unit that you can use for fishing in both fresh and salt waters. More so, it is fully submersible in water.

It comes with a 15 ft cord for your convenience. It is a medium-priced unit that comes with a six months product warranty from its manufacturer.


  • Six months product warranty
  • 10,000 lumens
  • Lord 15 ft cord
  • Water-resistant sealant
  • Fully submersible
  • Long life battery


  • There are cheaper lights in the market
  • Only available lights are color green

2. Lightingsky Underwater-Fishing Finder Fish 12V-LED Fish Lamp Light

An efficient underwater fishing illumination will make your fishing experience more successful. Although the Lightingsky Underwater-Fishing Finder is tiny, it is a powerful unit. You can use this awesome light at your favorite fishing spot to attract fish, squid, and prawns.

Since it is an LED fishing light, its battery running time is eight times longer than halogen lights. It works with a 12 volts battery. It has a brightness of 1080 lumen rating or 900-lumen rating if you opt for low-battery consumption.

With a 5m cord and 360 ° view, the fishing lights cover a large area making it possible to use in deep-water fishing. In addition, with a 50,000-hour lifespan, the light will last for many years.


  • Very bright
  • You can choose from green, blue or white color lights
  • The fishing lights are competitively priced
  • It has a long lifespan
  • Reasonably long cord
  • It is affordable


  • Suits attracting small fish

3. Lumitec Underwater-Boat Fishing 12 volts-LED Fish Finder Light 101320 3000 Lumens

Turn your night fishing mission to a superb adventure using the power of an underwater boat-mounted fishing illumination. With 3000 lumens, it is very bright delivering two to three times more power than other LED-fishing lights.

It is a fishing and safety light. This tough underwater fishing light weighs 1.6 pounds, meaning it is light in weight and, therefore, easy on your boat.

Its marine-grade bronze alloy housing is strong for long life and value for money.

You have multiple lighting color options to suit your fishing needs. Moreover, there are controls to manage how much illumination your unit will provide, you can choose the dim option available. On the downside, though, this fishing light is quite expensive.


  • Powerful emitting 3000 lumens
  • Option to select brightness modes
  • Durably constructed housing
  • Multiple color lights to pick from
  • Boat mounted and sturdy
  • Light in weight


  • Expensive

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4. Supernight Underwater Light Strips-Fishing Light 600 LEDs

This is a unique underwater lighting system from the other products in this review. It is manufactured as a strip and not in a torch model. You can consider this strip of light if you are operating under a tight budget. It is an affordably priced underwater LED-fishing light which has other interesting attributes.

The LED lights are dotted on a strip of material. Since they are LED illuminated dotted strips, they can be used for illuminating a large enough area.

The strips are dotted with 600 LEDs in every 16.4ft. It is brighter in comparison to 300-LED strips. With a weight of 5.6 ounces, it quite lightweight.

On top of that, it comes with self-adhesive tapes that make installation a breeze. Worth noting, power supply accessories are not included.

The lights are easy to install for your convenience. They are low power consumption lights illuminating bright lights. With an average of 50,000 hours running time, the lights will last for many years.

Apart from that, the strips have IP65 waterproofing features.


  • They cover a wide area
  • It is affordable
  • Waterproofing features
  • Bright illumination
  • Easy to install with the self-adhesive tape provided


  • Power supply not included

5. The Green Lantern Underwater-Fishing Light

In addition to attracting fishes, an effective LED fishing light will give you an opportunity to see all the action happening underwater, you can watch as your bait catches the fish. You can use this LED-fishing light for different fishing activities including ice fishing.

It illuminates 2000 lumens of brightness. Competitively priced, it is also covered by a 60 days warranty from the manufacturer. Just connect it to a 12 volts battery and you will have it running.

The unit has a running time of 50,000 hours, which will give you many years of service. It is waterproof, in this case, can use it for fishing with a peace of mind. Most importantly it has a 15 ft cord, which is long and convenient.

What’s more, it is small in size for easy storage when not in use.


  • Competitively priced
  • Two months warranty
  • Waterproof
  • Long battery running time
  • Long and convenient cord


  • Only green illumination lights available

6. Green Glow Dock Light Underwater-Fishing Light

This is another green underwater fishing light that you can use for fishing in rivers and lakes. It comes with a control unit. The lights are powerful attracting all types of fish species.

The unit is easy to install because the manufacturer provides all the installation accessories. It comes with an automatic system that makes operating it a breeze. Though it is a more complex unit than other fishing lights, the good thing is that it is economical when it comes to power consumption.

Handcrafted, it is sturdily constructed for longevity. The system is protected from water using a three-step sealing process. This makes it possible to use it for both salt-water and freshwater fishing.

They have a 50 ft cord which is long. The lights are designed with a self-cleaning system to prevent the growth of barnacles. In addition, they have a four to five-year lifespan.


  • Low power consumption
  • Sturdy and can be used for both salt and freshwater fishing
  • They have an automated operating system
  • They have a long lifespan
  • Long Cord


  • Only green models available

7. Amarine-made Underwater Fishing Light

This is a six-sided fish finding light which covers a 360 ° area. You can immerse this light in water, thanks to its sturdy construction that includes immersion of up to 5m. Operating using a 12v to 24 v battery, it is easy to install this light. The 180-LED powered system yields 1000 lumens of light.

The unit features a robust 6M cord which is a good length to cover a large area. With up to 50,000 hours of running time, the device will last for several years.

It has a low battery usage and its batteries last eight times more than their halogen counterparts.


  • Ideal for using in different fishing environments
  • Two color options, green and white lights
  • IP 68 Waterproof
  • Long running time
  • Long power cord
  • It is water immersible
  • Portable


  • At 1000 lumens, it is less powerful than other brands in the market

8. Green Blob Outdoors-Underwater Fishing Light

Moderately priced but still on the higher side, the Green Blob Outdoors-Underwater Fishing Light comes with various buying options. You can buy the 15,000 lumens or 7,500-lumen light while choosing between green, white and blue lights. With such a high lumen capacity, it is a powerful underwater lighting system.

It is designed with an IP68 water immersion rating. With a self-weighting mechanism, you do not need to add any extra weight on it to support it. It is ready to install, all you have to do is attach the provided alligator clips to your 12-volt battery.

With up to 50,000 hours, which means that this device can last for over 5 years.


  • Green, white and blue lights available
  • Self-weighting
  • Long battery life
  • Powerful lighting system
  • Completely waterproof


  • Not budget-friendly

9. Amarine Made Underwater Fishing Light

This light is green, powered by a 12-volt battery it produces 900 lumens of light through a 180-LED lighting system. The lights are five-sided with a 360 ° view. They are LED-lights designed with a low battery consumption usage rate, they are able to run for up to eight times longer than halogen lights.

It has a power cord of 15 ft which covers a wide area.  You can immerse them in the water comfortably. With a lifespan exceeding 5 years (50,000 hrs) of continuous use, this light gives you value for money. Also, you can easily replace the inner globe to extend its life.

To add to that, it is a well-priced unit.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Submersible
  • Long battery running time
  • 360 ° coverage
  • Low battery consumption


  • Only green light option
  • There are more powerful lights in the market

10. Linkstyle-Underwater Fishing Light

This is an eight-sided underwater lighting system which comes with a 360 ° coverage. Affordable, it is suitable for both fresh and salt-water fishing. The light attracts different species of fish including prawns, bass, and trout among others.

It is a LED-lighting system with the option of having green or white lights. It is designed with 120 SMD LED-lights which illuminate 1000 lumens of light. The lights are designed to consume low power.

This lighting system comes with its own self-weighing system. In addition, you can replace the inner globe. Worth noting, it has 50,000 hours of running time.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Long running time
  • Low power consumption
  • 360 ° coverage
  • Self-weighting system
  • Green and white lights available


  • There are more powerful lights out there

11. Goture Underwater Fishing Light

Like other fish finders, the Goture Underwater Fishing Light lures fishes by attracting fish baits. You can a choice between green, blue and white lights. The unit has 180 LEDs which produce 900 lumens of light. Powered by a 12 volts battery, its power consumption usage rate is low.

The five-sided 12 volts-LED comes with a choice of power cords between 5m or 12m. It is submersible because it is constructed with waterproof features. It is also impact and corrosion-resistant. Moreover, the light lube component is replaceable.

It can run for more than 50,000 hours continuously which means that it can last for more than five years. It has a medium price with a pricing-point above budget-friendly options.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Long cord
  • Impact resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • It is waterproof
  • You can choose between green, blue & white color lights


  • At 1000 lumens, there are more powerful brands in the market

12. Samdo Fishing Light 12V-LED Lamp 1080 Lumens

This is a 12V-LED unit producing 1080 lumens of illumination. You can use it for your night fishing expeditions to attract fish baits which in turn attract fishes. With an option for a variety of colors, you can choose green, purple, white, yellow, red, and blue LED-lighting systems.

You can use it in different fishing environments including fish ponds, rivers and lakes to catch different species of fish.

The five-sided device provides a 360 ° coverage. In comparison to halogen lights, it runs eight times faster with the same battery power. What’s more, this unit has an unlimited running time of up to 1000,000 hours. With this, you can be assured of a long lifespan, thanks to the unit’s waterproofing features and sturdy built.

Besides, this product is competitively priced.


  • Various color options
  • 360 ° coverage
  • Affordable
  • Unlimited running time
  • Waterproof


  • It illuminates only 1080 lumens

13. Bright Night Fishing-Underwater Fishing Light

If you are looking for a powerful LED-fishing illumination, to attract fish easily then check out this fishing light. The Bright Night Fishing-Underwater light emits up to 15,000 lumens. The light is fitted with 300 LEDs providing up to 50,000 hours running time.

Emitting greenish light, it is an effective attractant of baits which lures other fishes. You can use it in canoes, piers, docks, boats among other fishing vessels. It runs using a 12 v battery for your convenience, what’s more, it comes with a long cord.

Constructed from in industrial PVC material and high-grade plastic, it is durably constructed. Additionally, the housing is sealed to prevent water from penetrating through. With its own sinking system, it will not require support.

With its 360 ° coverage, it lights all the water near you.


  • Powerful with 15,000 lumens
  • Long cord
  • Durably constructed
  • Waterproof
  • self-weighting


  • Only green emitting lights available

14. Quarrow Nebo-36, 90, 180-LED Green Fishing Light Attractant

You can use this LED lamp to improve your fishing experience. This brand comes with three buying options, namely, a green 36 LED, 90 LED or 180-LED illumination devices.

Usually green is the most common color because it is powerful. It kick-starts the underwater food chain by attracting first planktons which attract baits and in the process fishes.

To get it functioning, simply plug it to a 12 v-battery. The three lights come with 20 ft cords, which are long enough for your convenience.

Moreover, its battery consumption power rate is also low. You can immerse them in water because they have waterproof features. All three units have a medium price point.


  • Waterproof
  • Three size options
  • Moderate price
  • Long enough cord
  • Low battery consumption


  • The only available light color is green
  • There are more powerful brands in the market

15. Agool-Underwater Night Fishing Light Lure Bait Finder

The Agool-Underwater Night Fishing Light has various features which are of interest to avid anglers eager to take their night fishing to the next level. With three different color choices, depending on your fishing needs, you can choose either green, white or blue lights.

The unit has 180 Led lights which generate 1000 lumens of light. Its six sides provide a 360 ° view giving you a wide fishing area to view. To add to that, it is a low consumption power system.

Constructed with IP 68 waterproof attributes, it is submersible for your peace of mind. With a built-in weight system, it requires no weight support.

Moreover, its 20 ft cord is long for your convenience. To install it, simply connect it to a 12v-24v battery and you are good to go.


  • Three color choices, green, white and blue lights
  • Waterproof
  • Low battery consumption
  • Long power cord


  • Its power is limited to 1000 lumens

Buying Guide for Underwater Fishing Lights

If you are looking to get the best underwater fishing lights, you need to consider a few things such as:

Proper Illumination

There is a difference between a bulb in the water and one on land. For one, light cannot travel a huge distance in water as it does in the air.

How clear is the water you will be fishing in? That is another factor to consider.

If you are looking to get a good catch, go for a light that has at least eight hundred lumens. If you can get your hands on one that has 1000 or even 1500 lumens, the better.

Ideal Weight

You want a light that weighs less so that you can easily carry it around. However, it will depend on the kind of fishing you do, and how much storage space your boat has.

Keep in mind that bulbs contain air and are therefore buoyant. You need to ensure that your light weighs down otherwise it will just float on the water and you will not catch those fish you have been targeting.

Protection from Water

Generally, all bulbs are waterproof but this should not give you a false sense of security. The electrical components around your bulb will more often than not be unsealed.

Ensure that you buy a waterproof light simply because it makes sense. It will be used under water. You will realize that some lights will be more waterproof than others so as you buy, consider that.

Appropriate Color

When it comes to underwater fishing, white, blue, and green lights work best. They all have their distinct purposes and attract different things.

If you are looking to catch fish such as shad, crappie, and squid, you will be better off using a green light, as it will yield the best results.

You can use a blue light as well, but it will limit you to a particular kind of fish. A white light will attract many things as it is a general-purpose kind of light but it is not as powerful as the specific lights.

We understand that you might want to avoid the additional costs and hassle that comes with buying and carrying different lights. As such, we recommend the green light because it will do an inclusive job.

How to Care for Your Underwater Fishing Lights

For anything to last and remain in good condition, it requires proper care. Your underwater light is no exception. Here are a few things you can do to prolong its longevity.

Beware of Corrosion

Almost all the underwater lights available in the market are susceptible to corrosion. Read what the manufacturer of your light says and if they have a warranty to cover corrosion. If not, be keen to know how metals react with each other and take the necessary measures to avoid corrosion.

If you have a creative mind, you can improvise and seal your lights with something waterproof like paint or varnish.

Mind the Temperature

One of the ways you can waste your investment is by running your underwater lights out of water because this is detrimental to the circuit.

A sudden change in the temperature will cool the solid core fast and cause cracks on the exterior of your light. You should get a light that can endure a lot but should things go left, your manufacturer should have a warranty to cover you.

Benefits of Underwater Fishing Lights

The fact that you can fish at night means that underwater lights come with a host of benefits such as:

Little or No damage

Most underwater lights are made of first-rate material that will not damage your boat. They utilize marine grade adhesive to lock the system in place thuspreventing the need forpenetration or drilling to prevent damage or leaks to your boat.


You want to get LED underwater lights because they are perfectforthe marine setting. They are able to resistheavy impacts, vibrations, and shock which means they are ideal for rough waters and unpredictable weather.

Colorful bait

Fish get attracted to colors such as blue and green due to their short wavelengths. For instance, green lights attract baitfish such as plankton, which consequently attract their predators. Ultimately, you can create your own supply of food, directly delivering fish to your boat.


You can also be able to navigate murky water with white, blue, and green light because these colors make water appear clearer by deflecting the grainy particles.

How to Use Underwater Fishing Lights

If you love fishing, you will love doing it at night even better. So, how do you use underwater fishing lights? Here is how.

Anchor the boat first

Your boat should be steady first. If it is moving from side to side, you can be sure that no fish are going to gather around your light.

Therefore, anchor your boat such that it remains stationary. Position your boat where fish can easily come to feed.

You will achieve more success with green light but blue can also work well because it mimics a full moon especially if you are targeting plankton.

Check out the area you want to fish in during the day to confirm that fish come there otherwise, setting up your boat just anywhere will not yield much.

Avoid waters that are too shallow or too deep because you will not have much success catching fish there.

Two lights are better than one

If you can afford it and if it is possible, always try to use two underwater fishing lights. By spacing the two lights at a distance of about four feet, you get the ideal radius of light that will allow you to lure casting in the lit zones and do some jigging as well.

One thing to keep in mind is that, big predacious fish will hang around in the dark and will only come outto strike at lures or baitfish at the last moment.

Always go for colored underwater fishing lights

Using colored fishing lights tends to attract organisms such as plankton that automatically attract small fish that in turn attract bigger fish. Blue and green lights work best in this scenario.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have some commonly asked questions when it comes to underwater fishing lights. The following can be of help to you.

What is the best color to use for underwater fishing?

First off, underwater LED boat lights are ideal for any fishing vessel. When it comes to colors, the best ones for enticing fish are white and green. Blue works well too because it has a short wavelength that produces a crisp and bright effect in the nighttime water.

Do underwater lights attract fish?

Yes, they do.Ordinarily, most anglers use these lights in the canyons when fishing at night. Most of the boats that fish the canyons frequently come equipped with underwater lights while others use the portable ones.

What light color works best for night fishing?

While any light color will attract fish to your vessel, the green light is more popular around dockyards because it penetrates murky water better and does not produce as much glare. This allows anglers to spot fish better.

Which One Is The Best?

Among the 15 products in this review, our best pick is the Fire Water Marine-Underwater Fish 12V-LED Fish Finder Light MAXX 10,000 Lumens. Although it is not a budget-friendly option, it stands tall in comparison to its competitors.

First, it illuminates 10,000 lumens. Secondly, it is heavy-duty constructed with industrial-grade materials and waterproof features. This makes it suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

Final Thoughts

You can have a great fishing experience by using underwater fishing lights when normally; you would have to strain to get results if any.

Not only will you get positive results, but also underwater fishing lights will have you looking forward to fishing in the night.

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