The 10 Best SUP Paddles 2023 – [Reviews Buying Guide]

You can purchase the best boat or kayak or sup there is but without a good paddle, it is useless. Stand up paddle boarding or SUP paddling is much more enjoyable when you have a quality paddle that:

  • Matches your paddling style
  • Works with your body

More often than not, you will find it difficult to select the best SUP paddle but that is why we are here. By the end of this guide, you should be able to make an informed choice.

Best SUP Paddles

Awesome Sup Paddles: Comparison List

To get us started off in the right direction, here’s a brief list taken from the 10 products that caught our editor’s eye. Don’t have the time to read our detailed reviews? This section can be a time saver for you.

1BPS-Adjustable Two-Piece Alloy SUP Stand Up PaddleMint Green Accent2.7 pounds
2Super Paddles-Carbon Fiber2.2 pounds
3BPS 3piece Adjustable Alloy Paddleboarding PaddleRed Brown Accent2.2 pounds
4BPS Adjustable Two-Piece SUPStand Up PaddleMint Green Accent2.8 pounds
5Alloy SUP Paddle2.6 pounds
6Abahub Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle35.8″ x 10.6″4 pounds
7AbahubThree-Piece Carbon2.1 pounds
8BIC Sport AP Adjustable Original SUP Paddle67-83″/170-210cm 2.6 pounds
9Abahub 3-Piece Adjustable Alloy Stand Up SUP Paddle2.4 pounds
10Aqua Bound-Malta Two-Piece SUP Paddle70″ – 80″14.7 pounds

1. BPS-Adjustable Two-Piece Alloy SUP Stand Up Paddle

The features of this sup paddle suit beginner and seasoned paddlers alike. The sup paddle is comfortable to handle making it possible to spend extended hours on the water.

Product Description

Featuring a nylon blade and an aluminum shaft, this paddle is sturdy and reliable and constructed for durability. The blades enter and exit waters easily, giving smooth strokes. Weighing about 2.1lbs, its light weight makes it easy to use.

The sup paddle’s shaft is also ergonomically designed with a T-design adding to the comfortable handling experience of the paddle. The T-design also prevents the shaft from slipping and falling into the water. On that note, it is floatable when the parts are assembled together.

Moreover, the height is adjustable to suit your paddling preferences and height. What’s more, it takes mere seconds to set your desired length preference, thanks to the fast and reliable height adjustment mechanism.

Just as significantly, the paddle is lockable, keeping your height adjustments intact until you change them yourself.

Other Features and Benefits

Constructed with two parts, the design makes portability and storage easy. You have a choice between different logo colors, especially if you are ordering several pieces. The varied logo colors help to distinguish one paddle from another.


  • It is a durably constructed sup paddle
  • It is breakable in two parts
  • Height adjustments are lockable
  • Fast and reliable height adjustment mechanism
  • They are differentiated with different logo colors
  • 12 month’s warranty


  • Carry bag is not included but optional

2. Super Paddles-Carbon Fiber Series Stand Up Paddle SUP Paddle – Adjustable 3-Piece

The features of this sup paddle are perfect for advanced paddlers. The paddle will make you create great memories of your water adventures. It is an easy to use sup paddle giving you an easy time while on the waters.

Product Description

The shaft is constructed from a prepreg 3K carbon material while the blade is made from tough nylon to give you many years of fun on the waters. 

The adjustable paddle has a length of between 72 inches and 86 inches. Therefore it suits paddlers with different body frames but who are above five feet height. The adjustable height makes sharing it with other paddlers possible.

It is a three-piece sup paddle a feature that makes it easy to carry and also store. What’s more, assembling or disassembling the paddle is fast and easy taking under 20 seconds.

Going on, with a weight of 2.2 lbs, it is a lightweight sup paddle. The lightweight prevents fatigue allowing you to do extended hours of paddling. On top of that, the handle is ergonomically designed with a good texture for a good and comfortable grip with either wet or dry hands.

Other Features and Benefits

The paddle is competitively priced. Additionally, it is covered by the manufacturer’s 12-month replacement plan.

Worth noting, to prevent length variations, the screws on the locking mechanism have to be tightened well.


  • It is a three-piece sup paddle
  • It is a durably constructed paddle
  • 12 months replacement plan
  • Its height is adjustable
  • It is easy to assemble or disassemble it


  • Designed for persons with a height above 5 feet only
  • Screws in the locking mechanism have to be tightened

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3. BPS Adjustable Alloy Three-Piece SUPStandup Paddle Paddle

This is the second sup paddle we are tackling in this review from BPS, it has its own unique design. The BPS Adjustable Alloy Three-Piece SUP paddle is a budget sup paddle. The paddle is also covered by the manufacturer’s 12 months warranty for your peace of mind.

It boasts functional, durability and ergonomic features. The sup paddle is great to use in both flat and moving waters.

Product Description

Its blade is constructed from a tough nylon composite while the shaft is crafted from aluminum for durability. Moreover, the blades are sharp and deliver smooth strokes.

This is an adjustable sup paddle with a length of between 66 and 83 inches. As such you can use the length that suits you. Weighing 2.1lbs, it is lightweight which prevents hand fatigue. Although it is lightweight the paddle is sturdy.

The three-piece sup paddle is easy to assemble and disassemble. The disassembled sup paddle is easy to store and also transport. It is designed with handling ergonomics for comfort and to prevent it from slipping from the hands.

Other Features and Benefits

The logo is embossed in various colors to suit different preferences. Noteworthy it floats in both fresh and salt waters when the three parts are together. You have an option to purchase a carry bag which has three compartments for each piece of the sup paddle.

What’s more, you can check it on an airplane.


  • A performing blade
  • Different color combinations
  • It is an affordably priced sup paddle
  • One-year warranty
  • It is a three-piece for convenience
  • It is light in weight which minimizes paddler fatigue
  • Floats when it is in an assembled state


  • Only one size available

4. BPS Adjustable Two-Piece SUPStand Up Paddle – Carbon Fiber

The BPS Adjustable Two-Piece SUPpaddleis the third sup paddle we are reviewing from BPS.  Unlike the other two BPS sup paddles which have aluminum shafts, this brand of paddles has different types of shafts. You have a choice between a carbon fiber shaft or a fiberglass shaft.

Product Description

Its blade is nylon for durability. Weighing 1.7 lbs, the lightweight sup paddle will minimize fatigue

The fiberglass’s adjustable length is between 70.86 and 83.85.

On the other hand, the carbon fiber paddle adjustable length is between 69.29 and 84.64 inches.

The two-piece adjustable sup paddle features a secure length adjustment mechanism. As such, you can easily share the paddle with other sup paddling buddies who have a different body frame from you. Moreover, because it is a two-piece paddle it comes with the convenience of portability and space-saving storage.

It comes with an ergonomic handle for a good and comfortable grip. A purchase includes a paddle bag. The paddle bag has a heat reflective lining to prevent sun damage.

Other Features and Benefits

The sup paddle is competitively priced and it is covered by the manufacturer’s 12 months warranty.

The paddles come in different logo colors for differentiation. In addition to that, the sup paddle floats in the water when the two parts are together, for your peace of mind.


  • Two style options, carbon fiber or fiberglass shaft
  • 12 months warranty
  • It is a competitively priced sup paddle
  • Space-saving storage
  • The assembled paddle floats in water
  • Secure length adjustment mechanism
  • Works perfect for persons of different frames
  • It is a lightweight sup paddle
  • It disassembles for space-saving storage and portability
  • A carry bag is included


  • Only one size available, no kid size

5. Sup supply-Alloy Three-Piece SUP Paddle: Adjustable Stand Up PaddleAdventurer Series

This sup paddle makes a perfect gift to a friend or loved one. It is sturdily built and suitable for beginner paddlers, casual paddlers, and rental shops. You can use it standing up or kneeling when paddling.  And it works well in both saltwater and freshwaters.

Product Description

This sup paddle features a marine-grade aluminum with a nylon blade for longevity.  It weighs only 2 pounds which is a reasonable weight to paddle around comfortably. Just as importantly, it has a balanced weight.

The adjustable sup paddle is easy to assemble and disassemble. In addition to that, it is easy to adjust it to suit your desired length. Because it is adjustable it can be used by persons of different heights.

The sup paddle has a high-quality adjustment mechanism that keeps it at whatever length it is set.

It is a three-piece paddle. In its disassembled state it works perfectly as a back-up sup paddle because of ease of portability. It is also convenient to store it. The paddles come with the advantage of floating in both fresh and seawater, making recovering them easy

You can also carry it when traveling by air.

Other Features and Benefits

The cheaply priced sup paddles is also covered by the manufacturer’s 12-month warranty. Moreover, there are different color models available. However, it is ideal for paddlers who are taller than 4’8″.


  • It is a durably constructed sup paddle
  • Easy to adjust lengths
  • Floats in water and therefore easily recoverable
  • Three pieces for portability and space-saving storage
  • It is an easy to assemble and disassemble sup paddle
  • 12 months warranty
  • Easy to adjust to the desired length


  • Some brands are lighter in weight than this sup paddle

6. AbahubThree-Piece Carbon Fiber Adjustable SUP Paddle Stand Up PaddleCarbon Shaft

This sup paddle is ideal for beginner and intermediate paddlers alike. It is an adjustable sup paddle that is also a three-piece. It is easy to assemble and disassemble it.

Its length varies from 67” to 86” and is recommended for paddlers who are above 5 feet. The adjustable length makes it possible to share the sup paddle with friends and family members.

Product Description

This sup or kayak paddle features a carbon shaft. It is sturdy and stiff yet constructed with a little flexibility for performance. The flexibility also prevents the shaft from breaking when you do extremely powerful strokes.

Additionally, the handle is patterned and ergonomically designed for comfort and a good grip.

The three-piece design makes traveling with it on your back, on-air or in the trunk of your car easy. In addition to that, it is a space saver. What’s more, a free carry bag is provided for your convenience. It is designed to float in water, making it easy to recover it in case it slips from your hands.

Other Features and Benefits

However, the sup paddle weighs 3.31 pounds which is a bit heavy in comparison to other brands in the market. Please note that the sup paddle should be rinsed thoroughly in clean water if it is exposed to salty waters.


  • Adjustable length
  • The handle is ergonomically designed
  • Space-saving storage
  • Convenient free carry bag provided
  • Breakable into three pieces
  • It floats in water


  • Suitable for paddlers who are above 5 feet only
  • It is a bit heavy in comparison to other sup paddles
  • If not well-maintained saltwater can corrode it
  • It is a bit expensive

7. Sup Supply-Adjustable SUP: Alloy Three Piece Paddle Explorer III SeriesStand Up Paddle

This sup paddle suits casual, beginner and rental shop owners alike looking for a sturdy and affordable sup paddle unit. The paddle is ideal for use in both salt and freshwaters. You can use the paddle as a main, and it is also great as a backup sup paddle because of its portable features.

Product Description

Weighing about 2lbs 2 oz, this paddle is light in weight as such it is easy to transport. In addition to that, it is easy to paddle with it because of its lightweight which increases its handling ergonomics. Its shaft is constructed from an aircraft-grade aluminum while the blade is crafted from polypropylene making it sturdy and durable.

The adjustable shaft has a length of between 67 to 85 inches and can be used by all paddlers with a height above 4 feet 8 inches. Moreover, it floats in both salt and freshwater a feature that reduces the risk of losing it.

Other Features and Benefits

This is a budget sup paddle, what’s more, it comes with the manufacturer’s 12 months replacement warranty. It is breakable into three pieces with the longest piece measuring only 3 feet long. Therefore you can travel with it conveniently by air or in your vehicle. It is also a space saver.


  • Several colors to choose from
  • 12 months replacement warranty
  • It is a durably constructed sup paddle
  • It floats
  • Adjustable length
  • It is a lightweight sup paddle
  • Space-saving storage
  • It is a cheap sup paddle


  • It lacks proper user instructions
  • Only one size model option

8. BIC Sport-Original SUP PaddleAdjustable Fiberglass Shaft orAluminum

The manufacturer of this sup paddles has various models to suit beginner paddlers and other levels of paddlers. As such, you can do paddling as a family activity with everyone having a sup paddle suiting their height.

Moreover, the adjustable length of the shaft makes sharing the unit possible. On this note, it makes a perfect gift to friends and loved ones.

Product Description

The of this paddle blade is crafted from a polycarbonate material. The shaft, on the other hand, is made from anodized aluminum. However, some models (with different pricing) are constructed from fiberglass.

On top of being adjustable, there are three size models to cater to varying heights. One size model has an adjustable length of between 59 inches and 75 inches and is designed for kids. Another model is for adults and has an adjustable length of between 67 inches and 83 inches.

To keep your length adjustments in place, the paddle has a positive locking Twin-pin adjustment mechanism. It floats in water, thanks to the foam float, preventing you from losing it. In addition to that, it is designed in bright colors for visibility.

The handle has a rubberized texture which enhances comfort while giving you a firm grip.

Other Features and Benefits

It is a two-piece sup paddle. In this regard, it is easy to transport it by hand or in a vehicle. It is also easy to store it. However, it is a bit heavy when used for extended periods of time. Noteworthy, if used in salty waters it has to be washed well to prevent corrosion.


  • Various colors to choose from
  • It is a durably manufactured sup paddle
  • Three sizes, fitting both adults and kids
  • Adjustable length
  • Locking mechanism to secure your settings
  • It floats in water
  • Rubberized handle for ergonomics


  • It is not a budget sup paddle

9. AbahubThree-Piece AlloyAdjustable SUP Paddle Stand Up Paddle Aluminum Plastic Blade

This sup paddle is perfect for all levels of paddlers, namely beginner and seasoned paddlers. It is a budget sup paddle which you can use to explore and have fun in both salty waters and freshwaters.

Product Description

The shaft is constructed from a high-grade aluminum. While the blade is crafted from polypropylene (60%) and fiberglass (40%) for stiffness, for effective performance and durability. In addition to that, the blade has concave grooves. The concave grooves make smooth and powerful strokes by preventing the paddle from fluttering.

It weighs only about 2.4 pounds and as such, it is lightweight which means that it is easy to paddle it, and it will not fatigue you. The lightweight makes also transporting it easy.

It comes with an adjustable length of between 68’’ to 84’’. The good thing is that the length is easy to adjust for your convenience.

It is easy to assemble and disassemble it. The disassembled version is easy to store and transport with the longest piece when disassembled having a length of 34.5’’.

The shaft handle is ergonomically designed to enable extended hours of paddling.

Other Features and Benefits

The manufacturer has provided various colors to suit different preferences, so you can take your pick.


  • It is an affordable stand-up paddle
  • It is a lightweight standing up paddle
  • No questions asked warranty
  • Floats in freshwater and saltwater
  • Various color options


  • It is designed for paddlers above 5 feet
  • No kid sizes available

10. Aqua Bound-Malta Two-Piece SUP Paddle Fiberglass Stand Up Paddle

This is a high-end sup paddle hand-crafted in Osceola, Wisconsin, in the USA. It is designed for paddlers who want to do the best forward stroke.

Product Description

It features a 100% carbon shaft and a fiberglass blade. The blade is hand-laminated by craftsman. The shaft has a 10 degrees bend to accommodate for shocks and prevents it from breaking.

The blade is well constructed giving you smooth strokes and the best forward strokes. The blade is long for effectiveness, however, some paddlers may not like the length. This is a two-piece sup paddle. The two-piece design makes it easy to store and also travel with it.

Weighing about 3. 3 pounds, its weight is on the higher side in comparison to other brands in the market but manageable. It has a contoured palm grip which provide handling ergonomics. In this regard, you can paddle for extended hours with minimum fatigue.

There are fixed length models and adjustable length models for your convenience. The adjustable version can be shared by persons of different heights comfortably. Its adjustable length is between 76 inches and 86 inches.

Other Features and Benefits

There are various attractive color models to choose from. On the downside, this sup paddle is quite expensive.


  • A variety of attractive color options available
  • It is a premium handcrafted sup paddle
  • It is a two-piece for ease of storage and portability
  • Ergonomic handle
  • A bendable shaft
  • Two styles, fixed and adjustable lengths
  • Two styles, fixed and adjustable lengths


  • Quite pricey
  • Only one size model
  • It is a bit heavy

Buying Guide for Sup Paddles

When it comes to picking the best SUP paddle, there are several things you need to consider. Let us go through some of them.

Length of Paddle

It is essential to get a paddle that is the correct length for you. If it is too long, you will get tired using it. If it is shorter, you will have to lean awkwardly into the water and this will tire you out as well.

If you will be in the water doing something else apart from touring, you may require a different length of paddle. If you will be water racing, go for a longer paddle and if you will be SUP surfing, go for something shorter.


You will have made several thousand strokes in just two hours of paddling. Of course, you will get tired quickly if your paddle is heavy. As such, it is wise to invest in the lightest paddle you can find.

The materials used to make SUP paddles usually determine how much they weigh. The material used to construct it will also determine the stiffness of your paddle. When choosing the paddle materials consider the following:

  • How light do you want your paddle to be?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is the condition of your muscles?

When you have all these questions answered, you can then choose your paddle from an array of materials such as wood, carbon fiber, fiberglass, aluminum, and plastic.

Blade Shape

The shape of the blade affects how your paddle moves in water. The differences in performance can be subtle, but as you gain experience, you may prefer one shape over the other.


These blades are narrower at the base, which means you use less surface area when you dip the blade in the water. A rectangular blade can be easier on your body and promote a milder stroke.


This shape is widest at the base, which means that you will instantly push water into the blade’s surface area when you put it into the water. Using a bigger surface area makes powerful strokes.

How to Care for your SUP Paddles

There is not much you need to do when it comes to maintaining your SUP paddle but there several tips that can help you keep yours in good working condition.

Rinse off after each use

Each time, you get out of the water, ensure that you rinse off your paddle using fresh water. This will keep it looking presentable and keep dirt and debris away.

If rinsing does not get the dirt off your paddle, you can always use mild detergent and water to scrub off stubborn dirt or stains.

Keep it in a cool place

While padding in the sun is okay, leaving your SUP paddle is not. The UV rays of the sun will not only discolor your paddle, they can cause cracking, and splitting depending on the material it is made of.

Whenever you are taking a break from paddling, get a cool place to place your paddle until you get back into the water. If you are home, store your paddle somewhere where it will be out of direct sunlight.

Keep it Dry

After you are done paddling for the day, rinse your paddle and dry it off completely prior to storing it. This is particularly crucial if you have been paddling in salty water. So why should you do this when a paddle is designed to be in water?

First, the salt, and bacteria from seawater can eat away at your paddle if they are not rinsed away. If there are any repairs that need to be made on your paddle, it will be easier to do them on a dry paddle.

Use storage bags

Board bags are essential if you frequent the water. First, they provide a shoulder strap and regular carrying handles making it easier to carry your paddle around.

These bags also safeguard your paddle from scratches and dents during transportation.

Benefits of Sup Paddles

What are some of the good reasons to get these paddles? You will get to enjoy several benefits when you use sup paddles such as:

It makes you active

This is probably one of the greatest benefits of SUP surfing. You get on your feet and this way, you get to maintain both your mind and body.

It helps with balance

It takes a lot of balancing to be able to stand on the surfboard. You will exercise your leg muscle as well as your core this way.

Decreases stress levels

Water has a sedative nature to it thus paddle surfing can be a great stress reliever. Falling off the board is enough to give you the adrenalin rush you need to forget your problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have put together some questions that will help you to better understand SUP paddles.

How do I clean my paddle?

The basic rule is to always rinse it off once you get out of the water. You can wash it with detergent and water occasionally as well. Ensure that it is completely dry before storing it.

How do I store my SUP?

The best way to protect the exterior is to hang the board so that it faces up. You can also lean it against wall and you can do so by placing the SUP down on its tail or side but never on its nose.

What does SUP stand for?

Stand up paddle surfing is asprout surfing that originates from Hawaii. Stand up paddle surfers stand on their boards and propel themselves using a paddle unlike conventional surfing where the rider sits until a wave comes.

Our Best Pick

Finally, it’s about that time when we select our winner from our detailed analysis. In this case, the winning paddle had to be well-made, functional, and durable. And so, we picked none other than the Super Paddles 3-Piece SUP paddle.

We particularly liked the fact that it’s highly adjustable. Its shaft is made from high quality prepreg 3K carbon shaft which is perfectly suited for tough tasks.

In our view, it’s one of the most reliable paddles available out there in the world. But of course, people have different taste and preferences. So, be sure to keep your mind open as you conduct your search.

Final Thoughts

With this guide, we have equipped you with all the knowledge you require to choose the best SUP paddle. You can now confidently venture into the water knowing you have the correct tools.

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