5 Best Rod for Striper Fishing 2023: Top-Rated Rods Reviewed

Stripers belong to the bass fish species. They spend most of their time in the ocean except for when they want to reproduce, and that is when they venture into rivers.

This makes them versatile and only the best rod for striper fishing can help you catch these fish

Let us go deeper down this rabbit hole to find out how to pick a suitable rod for striper fishing.

Best Rod for Striper Fishing

Good Striper Fishing Rods: Comparison Table

We have a few paragraphs of detailed reviews lined up for you. But first, here’s a brief and time-saving comparison table.

1Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rods6 Feet3 pounds
2SHIMANO TREVALA Jigging Spinning Rod5 Feet 8 Inches0.85 pounds
3UglyStik USCA662MH Baitcasting Rod6 Feet 6 inches0.5 pounds
4EatMyTackle Sabiki Rig Bait Fishing Rod7 Feet2.9 pounds
5Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod4 Feet 6 Inches0.3 pounds

1. Cadence Spinning CR5-30 Fishing Rod

Do you consider casting smoothly a priority when selecting a fishing rod? Try out the Cadence Spinning CR5-30 rod that has stainless steel guides with SiC inserts said to reduce friction and line damage, providing the smoothness required for efficient casts.

You have two handle designs to choose from; the split grip or the full grip. The handles are made from both cork and EVA for comfort plus a secure grip, resulting in sufficient rod control.

Key Features

The two-piece construction of the blank makes storage and carrying a simple task. In addition, the rod is said to be available in various lengths for you to choose from, depending on the fish species you intend to catch.

This fishing rod is claimed to be sensitive. As such, it seems like a good choice for fishing as you can notice whenever there is a bite on the rod’s tip.

Extra Details

The fishing pole is made of graphite wrapped in carbon. This is the likely reason for the minimal weight alleged to make the fishing rod easy to use.

Cadence states that their rod is made of high-quality materials, making it strong. However, some customers have reported that the rod snaps easily.


  • Cork and EVA handles
  • Two-piece design
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Available in different lengths


  • Brittle blank

2. SHIMANO TREVALA Jigging Spinning Rod

Are you looking for a sensitive fishing rod? Look no more, as the Shimano Trevala jigging spinning rod seems to fit the description with the TC4 tip that is said to be highly sensitive to fish bites.

The fishing rod is made of graphite, which is responsible for the lightweight. You can use the fishing rod for long hours and your wrist is unlikely to strain.

Key Features

The guides on this spinning rod are diamond-polished and made of aluminum oxide. As such, they are purported to facilitate smooth sliding of the line which helps to reduce line damage due to friction.

EVA grips on this fishing rod provide comfort. In addition, the grips are said to be non-slip, which makes them suitable for wet conditions.

Extra Details

You can use this fishing rod in both salt and freshwater. The materials used to construct this rod are said to be able to withstand saltwater corrosive elements.

This fishing rod is a two-piece design, which is supposed to be easy to carry and store. But some customers have claimed that the two pieces are not proportional; they are reported to be challenging to store or carry safely.


  • Light graphite blank
  • Sensitive rod tip
  • EVA foam grips
  • Polished line guides


  • Non-proportional rod pieces

3. UglyStik USCA662MH Baitcasting Rod

Ugly Stik has combined graphite and fiberglass to give their fishing rod the qualities of both materials. This makes the baitcasting rod seem like a good choice as it is strong yet with minimal weight.

Graphite is claimed to be highly sensitive to fish strikes. This, combined with the clear tip on the rod, is likely to give an upper hand when it comes to detecting the bites.

Key Features

This fishing rod has one stainless steel guide that is said to prevent your insert from popping out. In addition, this guide is claimed to be useable with any type of line.

A two-piece design fishing rod is easy to store and carry as you can dismantle it. You can carry this fishing rod anywhere you go.

Extra Details

To be able to cast and reel in your catch, you need to have control of the fishing rod. The EVA grips on this fishing rod are comfortable and provide the secure grip needed for controlling the rod, even with struggling fish.

This seems like a good fishing rod but the reel seat is reported to be made of low-quality materials. As such, it fails to hold the reel securely.


  • Graphite and fiberglass blank
  • Two-piece design
  • Comfortable EVA grip
  • Responsive clear tip


  • Poor-quality reel seat

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4. EatMy Tackle Sabiki Rig Fishing Rod

If you have been searching for a fishing rod that is flexible yet does not snap under pressure, EatMy Tackle Sabiki Rig seems to be the one for you. The fishing rod is made of fiberglass that is strong yet flexible.

Eat My Tackle states that their fishing rod is sensitive to even the slightest fish strikes. This can be helpful when you are unsure of your fishing environment since you are likely to know when the fish are around.

Key Features

This is a medium to fast action fishing rod. This means reeling in is effortless and the rod can work well with large fish.

Storing and transporting your rod is effortless as it is a two-piece design. Moreover, the length is sufficient for long casts.

Extra Details

The fishing rod is claimed to be easy to use. It seems like a good fishing rod for those new to striper fishing.

One disadvantage with this fishing rod is that it is suitable for use with small hooks. In case you wish to use the big hooks, you have to get another fishing rod.


  • Fiberglass blank
  • Two-piece design
  • Strong and flexible
  • Secure grip


  • Suitable for small hooks

5. UglyStik Elite Spinning Rod

Did you know that there is a fishing rod that you can use with any fishing line? Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod is said to be compatible with any type of fishing line.

The reel seat on this rod has stainless steel hoods. The hoods are to keep your reel securely attached when fishing.

Key Features

With a clear tip, this fishing rod is alleged to detect bites fast. In addition, the graphite blank transmits the vibrations to your hands.

The stainless steel guides on the rod are said to be strong and durable, with the ability to resist corrosion. Furthermore, the guides help to reduce line friction for smooth casting.

Extra Details

You are unlikely to strain your wrist even when you use the fishing rod for long hours. We may attribute this to the light, comfortable cork handle.

According to some customers, the reel seat is poorly designed. It does not work with all the reel types which should not be the case.


  • Works with any line type
  • Clear tip design
  • Lightweight graphite blank
  • Comfortable cork handle


  • Poorly designed reel seat

Buying Guide for Striper Fishing Rods

There are several factors you need to consider prior to buying a striper fishing rod including:

Rod Length

Your rod of choice should not be too long or too short.The right length should be about six or seven inches.

This length should be enough for a long cast.

Rod Action

When it comes to rod action, there is slow and fast action. Slow action rods work best for ultra-light fishing while fast action ones are perfect for jigging.

As far as striper fishing, we recommend a medium to fast action rod.

Rod Power

Lastly, you want to consider the rod power. Although, this is an individual choice, you want to stay away from heavy rods, as they will limit your fishing prowess.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have addressed several questions that may help you get a clearer picture.

What is the best line to use for striped bass?

Without question, live bait usually works best for stripers.Eels, herring, and dead menhaden are some of the popular bait choices.

That said, striped bass also take clams, bloodworms, and sandworms. Synthetic lures like crank bait, spoons, and deep running spinners can also do the job.

Do I need a leader with braided line?

Yes, you do. it is important to have a fluorocarbon or mono line leader when fishing with a braided line. The advantagesofusing a leader line are immense and outweigh the disadvantages.

Although braided lines are sturdier that regular fishing lines, they do have their own drawbacks.

Can fish see my braided line?

While braided lines come with numerous benefits, going unnoticed by fish is not one of them. They help you perceive bites from fish but cautiousones can definitely see them underwater.

Best Overall Choice

Our top-rated rod for striper fishing is Cadence Spinning CR5-30 Fishing Rod which is durable and sensitive. Besides that, it is said to be easy to use as the handles are comfortable while providing a secure grip.

Final Thoughts

Of course, what works for one angler may fail to work for another mainly because of the fishing methods applied.

In respect to that, you want to get a rodthat meets your distinct angling needs. Now that we have equipped you with all this information, there is no reason why you should not bring better and bigger striper fish home.

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