7 Best Rod and Reel Combo for Northern Pike Fishing: Latest Reviews

Mostly found in deep waters, Northern Pikes are large fish that every angler would want to catch. These fish will put up a fight when threatened and can therefore break your equipment as you fish.

That should not discourage you though. You want to invest in the best rod and reel combo for northern pike fishing to help you tackle these monster fish.

Our aim is to help you pick the perfect combo so read on to find out how.

Best Rod and Reel Combo

Northern Pike Rod and Reel Combo in 2023: Comparison Table

Psst! We have some detailed reviews lined up for you. But if looking to save time, here’s a brief table you can refer to.

1Ugly Stik USSP602M30CB Shakespeare6 Feet15.2 ounces
2Penn Squall 30 Level Wind Fishing Rod6 Feet 6 Inches48 ounces
3Zebco Dock Demon Spinning Reel30 Inches11.2 ounces
4Pflueger PRESSP Spinning Combo Fishing Reel Rod6 Feet 6 Inches10.6 ounces
5Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Reel and Rod8 ounces
6Abu Garcia BMAX3/701MH Black Max Fishing Rod7 Feet15.2 ounces
7ROSE KULI Fishing Rod and Reel Combo32 ounces

1. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Rod and Spinning Reel Combo

Purchasing a combination of a rod and a reel is likely to make your work easier since the manufacturer has already done the pairing for you. This Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 rod and spinning reel combo seems like a good choice as it combines durability and performance.

The fishing rod blank is made of graphite and fiberglass. Besides being strong, the rod weighs less hence easy to use for long hours.

Key Features

The fishing rod is a one-piece design for durability purposes. Besides that, this rod is said to have a clear tip that is sensitive to bites.

For strength and performance, the reel has an anodized aluminum spool. In addition, anodizing the aluminum is meant to enhance its durability by preventing rusting and corrosion.

More Details

The oversized bail wire on the reel is said to work better. As such, the line is prevented from twisting, which may damage your fishing rod.

This rod and reel combo seems like a good idea but it is only suitable for fresh water. When you use the combo in saltwater, it requires extra maintenance and it is unlikely to last for long.


  • One-piece rod design
  • Sensitive clear tip rod
  • Anodized aluminum spool
  • Oversized bail wire


  • The handle is short

2. PENN Squall Level Wind Reel & Rod Combo

Have you been searching for a reel and rod fishing combo for big fish? Penn Squall level wind reel and rod combo may be what you need as it is said to have the power to handle large fish both in fresh and saltwater.

Designed with a line guide, this reel is alleged to have a smooth retrieval. This is because the line guide moves back and forth to reduce build-ups.

Key Features

The fishing rod is made of tubular glass with eight eyelets. This rod is a one-piece design for durability purposes.

Two ball bearings, made of stainless steel and resistant to corrosion, help in efficient performance of the carbon fiber drag system. The anti-reverse bearing is claimed to prevent the rotor from reversing.

More Details

The reel’s side plate and frame are made of graphite. This may be the reason for the lightweight that is said to be comfortable even with long hours of use.

Some customers have complained that the product they received was damaged or some parts were missing. Some returned it for a refund while other customers made new purchases from other brands.


  • Tubular glass blank
  • Solid rod tip
  • Reel has a graphite frame
  • Anti-reverse bearing


  • Safe package arrival not a guarantee

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3. Zebco Dock Demon Spinning Fishing Reel and Rod

If you have been searching for left or right-hand fishing reel and rod combo, then Zebco may have your solution. Their spinning reel and rod combo is alleged to have an interchangeable hand retrieve to suit the left or right-handed customers.

Imagine spending a long time out fishing and you end up with a tired wrist. This is unlikely to happen when using the Zebco Dock Demon reel and rod as the combo is alleged to have minimal weight.

Key Features

For your comfort, the handles on the reel and rod are made of EVA. In addition, the handles are said to provide better control when dealing with struggling fish.

The line capacity of the reel is said to be up to 135 yards. Moreover, the reel can hold more line which is advantageous for fishing.

More Details

The rod is made of Z-glass with a solid core. Glass blanks are claimed to allow you to use any casting style and they are also durable.

We found one disadvantage with the Zebco fishing combo. This reel failed to meet the expectation of most customers in terms of smooth performance since the reel is claimed to be of poor quality.


  • Light and durable
  • Eva handles
  • Z-glass blank
  • Left or right-hand retrieve


  • Poor quality reel

4. Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Combo

Being able to notice when there is a bite on your rod is important. This may be what Pflueger had in mind when designing their rod with a cork handle that can alert you of a strike on the fishing rod.

The guides on the fishing rod are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. In addition, these guides are said to be able to hold even braided lines as they are sturdy.

Key Features

You can directly tie the braid on to the spool which is likely to save on time. Besides that, the spool is made of anodized aluminum, claimed to be strong and durable.

Pflueger states that their reel has minimal line twists due to how you lay the lines. This is may be attributed to the Slow Oscillation Gearing system used with the reel.

More Details

The reel has ten ball bearings that are likely to result in effortless retrieves. Moreover, the ball bearings are made of stainless steel in order to resist corrosive elements present in water.

This combo has a graphite rod that is purported to be very sensitive to bites. Unfortunately, its graphite blank is brittle and snaps easily when under pressure, which means you are likely to lose your catch.


  • Sensitive graphite rod
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Corrosion-resistant bearings
  • Minimal line twists


  • The rod cannot withstand pressure

5. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Reel and Rod for Ice Fishing

The Northern Pike is said to fight whenever it is caught, meaning your fishing gear has to be up to par to get your catch to dock. The EVA handle on this fishing rod is claimed to provide a secure grip for efficient control to reel in the fish.

According to the manufacturer of this ice reel and rod combo, their rod can be used with both heavy and light lures. In addition, the rod is stated to be very sensitive to strikes.

Key Features

The handle of the reel is foldable for easy storage. Moreover, the reel is said to be adjustable for either the left or right-hand use.

Your reel can stay in position easily as the real seat has a twist lock. This helps to reduce cases of the reel unwinding and resulting in a loss.

More Details

The aluminum spool on the reel is purported to reduce the weight. As a result, using the reel is unlikely to strain your arm, even when you use it for long durations.

Some customers have reported that the reel makes noise when they are using it. They rate it to be of low quality and some say they have replaced the reel with better ones that were not noisy.


  • Comfortable EVA handle
  • Reel seat with twist lock
  • Lightweight aluminum spool
  • Easy to use fishing combo


  • The reel is noisy

6.  Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo

Have you been having difficulty casting your line? Well, try out the Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting rod and baitcasting reel combo with seven-line guides for smooth casting.

The two-piece blank design is meant to make storage and carrying of the rod easy. This rod is also said to be light in weight since it is made of graphite.

Key Features

Some customers say that this combo is less strenuous and can be used for long hours. We may attribute this to the graphite side plates and reel frame which minimizes weight.

The reel has five bearings responsible for a smooth retrieve. Furthermore, the bearings are made of stainless steel to resist corrosion for a longer lifespan.

More Details

A drag system that performs efficiently is likely to give you a fantastic experience and when lucky, more fish. Besides, it provides reduced friction on the line, leading to less damage.

Even though the reel and rod combo seem like a good choice, the reel is a right-hand retrieve. As such, those customers familiar with the left-hand retrieve may find it challenging using this reel.


  • Two-piece design blank
  • Mag Trax Brake system
  • Seven-line guides
  • One roller bearing


  • Brittle rod

7. ROSE KULI Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

When you purchase this product from Rose Kuli, you also get other fishing accessories like the hard lures, fishing hooks, fishing plummets and fishing pliers. This seems like a good purchase as you have most of what you need for fishing.

The reel has thirteen bearings made of stainless steel. Apart from the bearings being corrosion-resistant, they contribute to the reel’s efficiency.

Key Features

Storing the fishing rod seems to be a simple task as the pole is said to be collapsible. Moreover, the fishing rod has aluminum oxide guide inserts for reduced friction and smooth casting.

The S-curve oscillation system used with this reel is said to enhance the smooth winding of the fishing line. This helps to reduce twist that can lead to rod and line damage.

More Details

You can use this fishing rod and reel combo in any water. Besides that, the handle is said to support both the left and right-hand users.

Customers say they appreciate the accessories that come with the reel and rod combo. However, the hooks are reported to be of poor quality and break easily.


  • Collapsible fishing pole
  • Left or right-hand retrieve
  • Salt and freshwater use
  • Aluminum oxide guides


  • Poor-quality hooks

How to Choose a Rod and Reel Combo for Northern Pike Fishing

Did we mention that Northern Pikes have sharp teeth? Well they do. That alone should tell you that there are a few things to be considered before choosing a rod and reel combo.

Some of these factors include:

Rod and Reel Power

As you can imagine, these fish are heavy. As such, you want to purchase a rod and reel combo that is equally powerful.

Our recommendation would be to go for a rod that is about six to seven foot long. On the other hand, the reel needs to be open-faced for it to be able to accommodate a line of between twelve to twenty-five pounds.

Combo Color

When choosing your rod and reel combo, you want to focus more on bright colors since they attract pikes more.

Think along the lines of fluorescent, gold, and silver blades.

Combo Durability

Your combo of choice should be able to withstand all conditions. Salt water tends to corrode fishing equipment so you want to ensure that your rod and reel has protection against such.

That way, you can comfortably use it without fear of damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we answer a few commonly asked questions on this topic.

What line should I use for pike fishing?

You can go for either mono or braid because they are both ideal for that kind of fishing.

Can I use dead bait for pike in summer?

During summer when the water is warm, pikes become more active in terms of fighting and gobbling bait.

Of course, you can catch pike using dead or live bait in hot weather, but pike tends to gobble dead bait during the hot season.

Best Overall Choice

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Rod and Spinning Reel Combo is our best combo for Northern Pike fishing as it is comfortable to use for long hours due its minimal weight. The rod and reel are also said to be durable.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the rod and reel combo you choose, you want to pick something that is resilient and powerful.

Besides that, it should be able to cast long distances correctly.This guide will act as a tool to help you make the right choice so keep it close.

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