10 Best Places to go Fishing in San Antonio: A Handy Reference Guide

Are you fond of fishing? If you answered yes, then San Antonio is the best fit for you. Are you ready? Then let’s take a fishing tour! By the end, you shall have familiarized yourselves with the various fishing spots. The best seasons to fish and a lot more.

Bear in mind that some of the places found here will require that you have a fishing permit. It’s always nice that you plan ahead and get the permit early. This will save you from any eventualities. The only relieve is that underage kids don’t need to have the permit.

Most major public parks here offer exciting and over the board fishing. You will be amazed by the spectacularscenery. Apart from fishing, you will also get access to the numerous recreation facilities in the parks.

Best Places to go Fishing in San Antonio

The Community Fishing Lakes Program

This was one of the best initiatives created by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Service. Its main aim was to make fishing accessible to all and sentry. Most of these places provide fishing service free of charge to the public. Any additional costs are also quite affordable even to the low-income earners.

What are the best ten places for fishing?

(1) The Millers pond

You are only allowed to fish at the banks. Fishing using boats is restricted. The place is fully equipped with washrooms, a picnic area and a playground for exercising. It is usually stocked with trout in winter. If you are a fan of catfish, then head here during summer.

(2) EspadaPark Lake

The entrance to the lake is found between RooseveltAvenue and S.presaStreet. Here there is also good bank access. In addition, you are not allowed to swim or boat fish. It has all the recreation facilities which include picnic areas and exercise tracks.

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(3) South Side Lions Park Pond

The remarkable thing is that you will enjoy your fishing under tree shades. The pond has trees along its banks. You don’t have to worry about the scorching sun.

It has lots of trout during the cold seasons. Catfish are usually found here during summer time.

(4) Braunig Lake

Are you looking for a unique place to fish using boats? Then this is the best place to go. This wonderful lake has good access to the banks. You can also rent the boats. Don’t worry about where to spend the night. Here you will have access to the various camping sites.

The various types of fish found here include; the red mouth, bass, and the catfish. It is home to a variety of fish species.

(5) Calaveras Lake

It is almost in the same setup as the Braunig Lake. There is unlimited bank access. It also has exciting camping areas. Boating is also allowed.

(6) Earl Scott Park

This is the best place for nature lovers. Here you will get lots of catfish, bass and perch fish. Conversely, you should come prepared as there are no social amenities provided. You can easily locate it near the Buddy Calk Trailhead.

(7) Converse North ParkCity Lake

It is home to a lot of fish species. Bluegills and catfish included. It has very great scenery that makes vocational fishing an exemplary experience. It is found among the San Antonio suburbs.

(8) Live Oak City Lake

It is a large reservoir found in the center of a park. There lots of activities in the park. It has trout in the winter and bass and catfish in summer.

(9) Medina River Natural Area

This is a very nice place for nature lovers.You can do some great fishing under the shades. It is home to catfish and bass fish species. Boats are available. Camping sites are in plenty here.

(10) Woodlawn Lake Park

This park is found near St. Mary’s University. You are required to fish from the lake banks. Alternatively, you may use the fishing pier that is readily available. It is the best place to find catfish throughout the year. The park features a gym, swimming pool, and other play areas.

What lakes are good for Boaters?

As outlined above, not all of these lakes provide boating activities. BraunigLake, Calaveras Lake, and Medina natural area lake are exceptional. These are among the best places you can go on a family outing. If you are crazy for water, then the boat rentals are awaiting you.

Popular Fishing Baits and Lines in San Antonio

Fishing can’t be properly done without casting lines and fishing baits. Some people buy these necessities in advance. It’s always good to inquire first if it is allowed to go with them.

Chicken livers, shad, shrimp, artificial baits, nightcrawlers and even crawfish. These baits are easily available at the park entrances.

Casting lines are normally found in various designs. Majorly, all you need is a rod, reel, a small hook, and a light object attached. This will make it sink to the bottom.

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How is fishing done?

Most recreational fishing is done using a rod, reel, line hooks, and a bait. You just need to assemble all of these objects together. The next step is to lay the line slowly to the floor of the pond or lake. Finally, wait for your fish to be hooked up. This practice is commonly referred to as angling.

The best Fishing Seasons in San Antonio

You may ask yourself, what is the best time you can go fishing? Fishing can be done at any time of the year. Various fish species have different feeding seasons and don’t migrate to the banks at the same time.

For example, the trout fish are normally found during winter. Summer seasons are the best fit for catfish. The simple answer to the above question is to decide which fish species you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, San Antonio is widely known for its adventurous fishing activities. It is actually one of the best recreational fishing sites. It gives you an opportunity to be with nature. Fishing is inborn. Parting shot “For a fisherman, there’s always a new place, always a new horizon” so dare to explore it today!

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