The 10 Best Jerkbait Rod 2023: A Comprehensive Review

Fishing with jerkbaits is one of the most rewarding and fun ways to catch bass. If you choose to adopt this awesome method and land more fish, you will need to make sure you have the best jerkbait rod and other pieces of fishing equipment you need for the job.

Generally, jerkbaits are designed to be fished in a specific way that makes them appear like a swimming minnow. Every jerk of your rod sends lures in a smooth, quick motion to entice the bass in the vicinity. This is a somewhat intensive fishing tactic with lots of movement. Therefore, you need a fishing rod that is strong enough to endure endless fishing trips, can last for many years and feels comfortable in your hand.

Missing out any of these criteria means you will end up with a nasty blister on your hand, a broken rod, or spend money every week to replace your bass fishing rod. You don’t want any of these options. Besides, if you opt to go fishing with your grandfather’s old beat-up fishing rod and a push-button fishing reel, theirs is a good chance you won’t have a great fishing time. However, arming yourself with the right rod means that you can use the effective sound method for the jerkbait and catch more fish.

Best Jerkbait Rod

The word ‘jerkbait’ is associated with the jerking action you use on the fishing rod to ensure the lures move. Unlike many lures that are prompted to act by reeling them, jerkbaits majorly rely on the fisher moving their rod quickly. And that means not every jerkbait rod out there is up to the challenge.

To help you choose the right fishing rod the best jerkbait fishing experience, our editors have compiled the ten most popular jerkbait rods, provided an unbiased review, and created ultimate buyers guide for you.

A comparison chart for the top ten jerkbait rods

Whether you are a novice or expert in jerkbait fishing, it’s best to acquire a fishing rod that offers the full value of your money. Sure, there are countless types and models of rods in today’s market, and that makes it more challenging to choose the right one unless you already know what you need. Here is a comprehensive comparison chart for the top jerkbait rods. Pay special attention to the features and price.

1Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rods6 Feet 6 Inches3.6 pounds
2Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 705CB Action Crankbait Rod6 Feet 6 Inches0.15 pounds
3UglyStik GX2 Casting Rod7 Feet1.6 pounds
4KastKing Speed Demon Tournament Rods7 Feet 11 Inches3.4 pounds
5KastKing Speed Demon Bass Rod Series6 Feet 8 inches3.1 pounds
6IKE Signature Casting Rod from Abu Garcia7 Feet 10 Inches0.45 pounds
7Lew’s Tournament Performance0.16 pounds
8St. Croix TRS60MF Triumph Spinning Fishing Rod6 Feet4 pounds
9Okuma Reflexions Fishing Rod7 Feet0.5 pounds
10St. Croix Bass X Casting Rod7 Feet 1 inches0.3 pounds

1. Cadence CR5 Spinning Rod

Probably you’re wondering what makes this fishing rod unique. The CR5 series of fishing rods from Cadence are equipped with superior components made of high-quality materials. The blanks are made of 30-ton carbon, and fisherfolk can access rods with a variety of actions, power ratings, and length to accommodate different fishing applications.

Besides, this fishing rod is configured with two types of handle – a full grip handle and a split grip handle. Each of them uses cork and EVA to offer optimum comfort and performance. The rod’s durability and performance are further improved with the stainless steel frames, SiC guides, and a high-quality Fuji reel seat (adjustable).

All these features make this fishing rod ideal for jerkbait fishing adventures. Whether you choose to pursue freshwater fish like walleye, bass, and trout or prefer inshore species like speckled trout, flounder, and redfish, this jerkbait rod guarantees excellent performance and many hours of seamless fishing.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • The rod is available various length options
  • Features ergonomic design
  • Durable as it’s made of high-quality materials
  • Attractive


  • The handle is slightly narrow in terms of diameter
  • May not handle big fish effectively

2. Dobyns Fury Series Casting Rod

This Dobyns Fury Series Fishing Rod is an excellent option for jerkbaits as it is slightly heavier than most fishing rods. It can efficiently handle a maximum of 17-pound line and ca support a lure weight of ¼ ounce and a maximum of a full ounce. That means you can use this fishing rod for both small and large fish species.

It is a medium-heavy power rod that offers an extra fighting chance if you choose to catch more aggressive fish. Though it’s not responsive enough to make a lure dance, it offers moderate action that stills gives you adequate tip flex to compensate some of the stiffness. The good news is that this fishing rod shines in durability and power.


  • The short butt offers the user more control
  • Lightweight and somewhat string construction
  • It is easy to use and comfortable to handle


  • Has short reel seat threads

3. UglyStik GX2 Casting Rod

The UglyStik GX2 rods are well-known for their balanced and lighter feel, durability, versatile performance, and strength. Their lengths and medium-heavy power make them some of the top jerkbait rods for fishing enthusiasts. The rod features graphite and fiberglass construction, and that means it’s not going to snap easily when working lure or even pulling a large fish.


  • Features strong and long-lasting construction
  • Made up of graphite and fiberglass composite – it can’t snap easily
  • Offer’s great value for your money
  • Has many features and specifications for jerkbait fishing


  • Could perform better in terms of casting

4. KastKing Speed Demon Tournament Series Rods – for Bass Fishing

It was not long ago when people used to make fishing rod buying decisions based on action, length, lure weight, power, and probably perform the so-called wiggle test just to be sure that their final choice fits their requirements. Today, KastKing has taken the art of jerkbait rod construction a notch higher using cutting-edge technology and decades of experience in creating excellent spinning rods.

This jerkbait rod from KastKing is equipped with elite carbon blanks with carbon Nano tube resigns to lower the overall weight, offer reliable sensitivity, and boost strength. Besides, it is fitted with high-quality Fuji reel seats and guides to make sure the reeks are firmly connected, and that different types of lines slide smoothly and quickly from the reel to the target fish. No matter your preferred fishing technique, this KastKing Speed Demon Tournament Series Rod will definitely meet your requirements.


  • Excellent strength
  • It’s lightweight
  • Has a perfect combination of medium power and fast action
  • Durable as it’s made of high-quality materials


  • After a short period of use, the line guides might get wiggly
  • It’s only ideal for small crankbaits

5. KastKing Speed Demon Bass Rod Series

It’s time you go out fishing with one of the Speed Demon Bass rods from KastKing. These rods feature a perfect blend of Saf-T-Keeper hook holder 3A cork hand and an outstanding EVA grip. Therefore, the user can be assured of exciting, comfortable, and seamless fishing adventures.

For most anglers, bass fishing is an exceptional source of fun and enjoyment. It’s also serious business for those who are dedicated to bass fishing as a sporting activity. This fishing rod from KastKing will help you achieve your bass fishing needs.


  • Highly sensitive
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Comfortable to handle


  • Poor castability

6. IKE Signature Casting Rod from Abu Garcia

This fishing rod is a fruit of 3 years of labor of both Abu Garcia and Series Pro Mike Laconelli, an expert in the bass fishing tournament. It is made of premium-quality graphite. This gives it an action that lets you make highly accurate casts. Besides, the rod is very sensitive, and that means you will get an immediate alert even when small fish bite the bait.

The blanks are made of 30-ton high modulus graphite and high-strain glass for durability. Thus, users no longer need to replace their fishing rods frequently. Just like other rods from reputable brands, this jerkbait rod is equipped with an excellent reel seat and stainless steel guides.


  • Has fast action
  • It is professionally made and easy to use
  • Has an impressive line weight range
  • Excellent balance


  • It’s heavier compared to other fishing rods

7. Lew’s Tournament Performance (TP-1 Speed) Casting Rod

Generally, Lewi’s are some of the favorites for most experienced jerkbait fishing experts, thanks to their excellent performance and quality. The TP-1 Speed casting rod is one-piece fishing featuring IM8 graphite construction. The fishing rod is associated with more flex, and given its fast action, anglers are assured of good lure movements with quick rod jerks.

Also, it has a split grip setup that makes it easier for easy lure maneuvers and is strong enough to facilitate bigger fish catches. The unique grip makes this fishing rod efficient even with other types of fishing methods.


  • Offers better control
  • Proper casts and highly responsive
  • Features a good backbone for catching bigger fish


  • The rod does not cast far accurately

8. St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod

Do you intend to use your jerkbait rod for many hours? This spinning rod has got everything it takes to offer exciting fishing experience. It’s made of SCII graphite classified as mid-modulus. This simply means the rod is made of mid-range flexible graphite, an essential quality for jerkbait fishing.

Also, this fishing rod is associated with fast action and medium power, properties that give an angler rigid-flex and quick response that’s needed to make a lure dance naturally – after all, you don’t want a situation where you and the bait look like you’re having a perfectly synchronized seizure. This Triumph rod can support between 6 and 12-pound line. It is, therefore, ideal for casting 1/8 ounce to 5/8 ounce lures. It is available in different sizes and provides a higher level of comfort and better jerkbait fishing experience.


  • It’s good novice anglers
  • A high-quality product
  • Offers reliable sensitivity
  • It is comfortable to handle


  • The reel seat can loosen after a long period of use

9. Okuma Reflexions Fishing Rod

This Okuma Reflexions Fishing Rod features long-lasting blanks made of 24-ton carbon fiber with UFR-unidirectional fiber reinforcement. This increases the tip’s lifting power three times, and that means the rod doesn’t snap easily. The sea guide deep-press frame is professionally configured to prevent the line from wrapping the guide frame. It also minimizes exposure of the line to harsh conditions that could lead to damage.

Additionally, this fishing rod has a skeletonized reel seat with customized cork insert for better comfort. It is equipped with slip grip handles with contoured rear cork to make it fit in your hand perfectly. Lastly, the rod is compatible with a braided fishing line and has other excellent features that boost its balance.


  • Lightweight for fatigue-free jerkbait fishing experience
  • Responsive, strong, and highly sensitive
  • Available in a broad range of action, power, and length
  • Contoured grip to ensure that it fits in your hand perfectly
  • The tip has an increased lifting power
  • Features both spinning and casting configurations


  • The product might expose users to chemicals such as TDI

10. St. Croix Bass X series

Though this casting rod is newer compared to other models, St. Croix has been making fishing rods for decades, and the company is well-known for its high-quality pieces of fishing equipment.

This particular rod is made of durable materials and is available at an affordable price. The blank is created using premium-quality SCII graphite, making it easy to use and lightweight.


  • Durable
  • Good sensitivity
  • High-quality handles


  • With time, the flexible tip tends to lose casting accuracy

The best jerkbait rod: an ultimate buy guide

Every angler dreams of having the right jerkbait rod that will give him or her satisfaction. While there are plenty of Jerkbait rods in the market, choosing the right one as a newbie can be so challenging. You want to ensure you get the right size, rod length, and price. Some Jerkbait rods are meant for expert anglers while others are flexible.

If you look forward to shopping for the perfect Jerkbait rod in the market, then this guide is for you. Read through for some tips on how to choose a Jerkbait rod that meets your taste and preference. Here is your ultimate guide to choosing a Jerkbait Rod

Identify the type of Jerkbait reel

Before selecting the right Jerkbait rod to pay for, you want to know the different types available in the market. While there are many Jerkbait rods in the market to choose, some may not be conducive for you. Jerkbait rods differ based on the type of reels used. You can shop for the spinning reel or baitcasting reels.

The amount you intend to spend on a Jerkbait and your level of experience as an angler determines the type of reel you choose for your Jerkbait rod. As a newbie, it is advisable to go for a Jerkbait with spinning reels because they are affordable and easy to use. Although they are prone to drags and are quite heavy, they are the best for short distance fishing.

The diameter of the fishing line

Finding the right width for your Jerkbait rod is vital if you want to get the best fishing experience. You should go for fish lines with a diameter of #20 because they are relatively flexible, durable, and lighter. Light fishing lines are buoyant and camouflage quickly, making it difficult for fish to notice.

Your Jerkbait fishing line should withstand excess tension when fishing and go up to 8 feet deep. Always go for fishing lines that weigh 10-14 lbs for the best experience.


When it comes to choosing a Jerkbait rod, the brand comes first. You want to choose a brand that gives you value for every coin you spend. Shop for Jerkbait brand that offers you some warranty because you do not know how long they can last if you use them for the first time. Having a warranty on your Jerkbait rod gives you some relief to explore your fishing as a beginner.

Different brands have their pros and cons that you must checkout to avoid some headaches while fishing. Here is a list of some most sought Jerkbait rod brands that you can shop for in the market.

  • Dobyns Fury Series Casting Rods
  • Okuma Scott Martin Tournament Concept Rods TCS
  • St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rods
  • KastKing Speed Demon Pro
  • Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning
  • UglyStik GX2 Casting Rod

Flexibility and action

When choosing a Jerkbait rod for your fishing, you must ensure that it is flexible. The actionrating of the Jerkbait rod should be easy to determine. Note that for the Jerkbait to attract fish, it must have a lure move. It is difficult to find the lure move on the fishing line if the rod is stiff and the flexibility on the rod is low. Also, the rod action will be light in case your Jerkbait rod is flimsy.

Try as many brands of Jerkbait rod until you find one with the best action. Heavy Jerkbait rods give the best action rating, although they are more pressing on the hands and therefore tiring. Find one that has a moderate weight to get the best action and enjoy your fishing.

Rod strength

Rod strength is vital if you are looking forward to getting the best out of your fishing. If you want to target bass as most professional anglers do, then you should find a Jerkbait rod with the right strength. In freshwater, the recommended bass weight is between 1.5Kg to 3.0Kg.

Sometimes the bass can be that heavy, and you want to stay in the game, so ensure you have a Jerkbait rod that can withstand more than 3.0 kg. Also, you must confirm that your rod is made of carbon and flexible at the same time to avoid untimely breakages.

Handlebar grip

If you want to enjoy your fishing, then your rod must be comfortable enough. The grip on the rod should be firm so that you make those lure movements without a problem. A good grip on the Jerkbait shaft and handlebar will make your fishing less tiring. If you want to get a firm grip on your rod, always shop for a Jerkbait rod with a wood or foam handle and finger cutout.

Style and type

Your choice of Jerkbait rod depends on the method of casting you intend to follow. You can either baitcast or spin. Most anglers prefer baitcasting to spinning. That is why you should go for a baitcasting rod.

Also, your style of fishing will determine the type of rod and fishing line you purchase. Floating style requires a short rod, while the sinking method needs a longer rod to get something out of your fishing.

Reel rest and line guide

Different brands of Jerkbait rods come with varying reel rest where you can fix your favorite reel. No matter the choice of Jerkbait rod, your reel must always match your rest. Only buy Jerkbait rods with versatile reel rests to ensure you get the best fishing experience.

Also, do not overlook the line guide on your rod. This is an essential part of your equipment because if it is damaged, your fishing may not be that smooth like you want it to be. The fishing line repeatedly runs on the line guide. Therefore, you should shop for a rod with a durable and smooth line guide.

Buying the right Jerkbait rod can sometimes be challenging. You want to ensure you pay for the right rod that will give you peace of mind as a newbie angler. If you’re going to get the best rod in the market, then shop for a Jerkbait rod that gives you some warranty and meets your style and type of fishing. Ultimately, the tips presented here are essential if you are looking forward to finding the right Jerkbait rod.

Bottom line

There are countless tips for successful jerkbait fishing. However, the most important thing is investing in an effective jerkbait rod. The right fishing rod ensures that you can execute a proper cast and ensure your fishing adventure is exciting.

Generally, fishing is fun. And as long as you have geared up correctly, things will always be good on your part. Keep in mind that there is a specific rod for a particular fishing application. Your choice will depend on your preferred fishing application and your specific fishing rod requirements.

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