12 Best Ice Fishing Gloves in 2023: Latest Details

When planning an ice-fishing trip, you have to ensure you have all the right gear but did you know that your hands are the most important tool when angling? In that regard, you want to take good care of them by getting yourself the best ice fishing gloves.

Your body will naturally reduce blood flow to your hands in extremely cold conditions and you become susceptible to frostbite.

A good pair of ice fishing gloves should be able to:

  • Keep your hands warm
  • Be comfortable
  • Be the right size

We are about to find out more about these lifesavers so you may want to stick around.

Best Ice Fishing Gloves

Affordable Top 12 Gloves for Ice Fishing: Comparison Table

Don’t have the time to peruse our 12 reviews? Here’s a simple but informative list to get you started.

1MCTi Waterproof Mens Ski GlovesBlackMedium
2Palmyth Flexible Fishing GlovesBlack/GreyX-Small
3Rapala Fisherman’s Gloves, LargeBlackLarge
4WindRider Rugged Waterproof Winter GlovesBlackMedium
5Neo Sport Women and Men’s 3MM & 5MM PremiumBlackSmall
6Stormr Typhoon Mens and Womens Fishing GloveBlackSmall
7Palmyth Neoprene Fishing GlovesBlackMedium
8Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing GloveBlackSmall
9Glacier Glove Pro Angler Neoprene GloveBlackMedium
10Memphis Glove N9690FCL Ninja Double Layer GlovesBlackLarge
11Palmyth Ice Fishing GlovesGrayXX-Large
12Palmyth Waterproof Ice Fishing Winter GlovesGraySmall

1. MCTi Waterproof Mens Ski Gloves

Ice fishing can be fun, especially, when your hands are well protected from the cold environment. The gloves from MCTi have 3m Thinsulate insulation and cotton fabric that are said to keep your hands warm.

The outer shell on these gloves is waterproof because of the TPU membrane inserts. Furthermore, the three-layer design is likely to keep out the cold wind.

There is a nose wipe fabric on the thumb finger of the gloves. However, the gloves are said to lack dexterity and you have to remove them for some functions like operating a touch screen device.


  • Adjustable buckle wrist strap
  • Waterproof outer shell
  • Nose-wipe fabric on thumb
  • Zipper pocket for small items


  • No dexterity

2. Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves

Moving your fingers is important when you have gloves on and convertible gloves may be handy. Palmyth may have had this in mind when designing their ice fishing gloves with three-cut fingers design for dexterity.

The inside of the gloves is lined with plush fleece that is supposed to keep your hands warm and comfortable. However, some customers have reported that their fingers were cold when they had the gloves on.

These gloves are alleged to be able to repel water in case of accidental splashes. In addition, the gloves are said to be breathable so they are likely to prevent moisture accumulation.


  • Adjustable wrist Velcro strap
  • Plush fleece for insulation
  • Three-cut fingers design
  • Synthetic leather reinforced palm


  • Sensitive fingers may still get cold

3. Rapala Marine Fisherman Glove

In case you have been searching for gloves that can be used in saltwater and freshwater, then you can try out these ones from Rapala. The glove has a latex coating that is said to enable it to withstand harsh water conditions.

The grip on the glove is said to be non-slip, making it suitable for holding fish. Moreover, the latex is alleged to be able to resist tear from fish teeth and fins.

You can use the laundry machine to clean the glove and drip dry it. Unfortunately, some customers have complained that they ordered the XL size of the glove but it failed to fit their hands.


  • Washable in a laundry machine
  • Suitable for salt and freshwater
  • Latex coating for durability
  • Non-slip grip


  • Small in size for adult hands

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4. Windrider Rugged Waterproof Winter Gloves

Are you in the market searching for gloves that can keep your hands dry even when immersed in water? Well, Windrider claims they can satisfy you with their gloves that is made using Hipora.

The 70g of Thinsulate insulation is meant to keep your hands warm, making it seem like a good product for ice fishing. Besides that, the fleece lining is likely to protect your hands from the cold temperatures.

There is a zippered pocket that is said to be water-resistant for your accessories like the key and credit card. But the gloves are reported to wear out fast in case of vigorous activity.


  • Water-resistant zippered pocket
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Waterproof inner lining
  • Nose wipe strip available


  • Unsuitable for vigorous activity

5. Neo Sport 3MM & 5MM Premium Gloves

For gloves that can keep your hands warm around water, why not try out Neo-Sport gloves? The gloves are likely to protect your hands from cold conditions since it has a soft neoprene material.

The palm on the gloves is textured and cyclone designed for a secure grip. Besides that, the gloves are said to work well with any surface type without slipping.

These gloves have glued and sewn seams to keep away water. However, the seams have been reported to open up so easily, maybe as a result of poor stitching, rendering the gloves useless.


  • Flexible with dexterity
  • Cyclone design for good grip
  • Gator elastic closure
  • Keep hands warm


  • Poor quality stitching

6. Stormr Typhoon Women and Men’s Fishing Glove

Can you imagine the loss that you can incur when fishing with slippery gloves on? It is advisable to find gloves made of non-slip material and the gloves from Stormr seem like a better choice as they are said to have a non-porous grip with abrasion-resistant palms.

You can select the gloves with KEVLAR index finger and thumb to be able to maneuver your fingers. Besides that, the gloves are said to be durable.

The manufacturer states that the gloves are warm and comfortable. However, some customers who have used the gloves say that they get wet, leading to the hands becoming cold and causing discomfort.


  • Liquid taped seams
  • Micro-fleece lining
  • Hi-grip palm
  • Soft and durable finger fabric


  • Hands get wet and cold

7. Palmyth Neoprene Fishing Gloves for Both Men and Women

When your hands sweat inside the gloves, you may be forced to remove them. As such, using gloves with a breathable fabric seems like a good idea and these gloves from Palmyth tend to fit the description.

The adjustable Velcro wrist strap is likely to help you to keep the gloves from falling off your hand. Furthermore, the elastic cuffs ensure you get a snug fit.

The gloves may not keep your hands warm because they are not insulated. Rapala Marine Fisherman Glove seems like a better option for warm hands.


  • Well-fitting elastic cuffs
  • Breathable fabric
  • Flip-back thumb and index finger
  • Adjustable wrist strap


  • Not insulated

8. Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove

Have you had issues with hooks and rods getting stuck on your gloves? Well, Glacier Glove has made their gloves seamless with the sole aim of preventing your fishing hooks or rods from sticking on them.

The sharkskin textured glove is said to provide a secure non-slip grip on any surface. In addition, the glove is blind stitched and glued to keep out water, a fact that most users have affirmed.

However, the glove cannot withstand vigorous activity as the parts stitched together have been reported to split open, rendering the gloves useless. There is room for improvement in this product as far as stitching is concerned.


  • Fleece-lined for comfort
  • Seamless palm design
  • Secure grip sharkskin texture
  • Waterproof material


  • Stitched parts split up easily

9. Pro Angler Neoprene Fishing Gloves

With these Pro Angler gloves, you can use your thumb and index finger because their tips are slit. As a result, operating touch screen devices and casting your ice fishing rod is simpler due to the enhanced flexibility.

The seamless palm design is said to prevent hooks from getting stuck and tearing the gloves. Moreover, these gloves are designed to provide you with a secure grip when holding objects.

These gloves seem like a good choice for ice fishing as the fingers are pre-curved which is said to help reduce fatigue. On the flip side, some customers find the gloves to be bulky and difficult to use.


  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Seamless palm design
  • Good grip
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Bulky for some customers

10. Memphis Glove N9690FLC Nylon Gloves

Did you know there may be a solution to your gloves having a bad odor due to bacteria build-up? Well, now that you know, consider owning Memphis nylon gloves that are said to be Actifresh treated to kill bacteria and keep the gloves freshly scented.

As for durability, these gloves are alleged to last long since they have two layers of high-quality materials. As such, you may use them for any aquatic activity.

The nylon shell and HPT coating on the gloves is meant to repel liquids so as to keep your hands dry. The HPT coating is also supposed to make the gloves non-slip but some customers have complained that the gloves lack secure grip.


  • Treated to kill bacteria
  • Nylon shell
  • Double-layered glove
  • Insulated for warmth


  • Poor grip

11. Palmyth Ice Fishing Gloves Convertible Mittens

You can be seen in poorly lit environments when you have these gloves on. They have a reflective strip on the back, which is important for your safety.

When you want to tie knots, to fish, or to remove hooks, you can easily convert the mittens to fingerless gloves. The top part of the mittens then rests at the back of your hand is secured by a magnet to prevent it from getting in your way.

Palmyth has designed its gloves with three layers and claims that they keep your hands warm. However, some customers disagree with this statement because their hands were cold yet they had the gloves on.


  • Three-layered gloves
  • Can be converted to mittens
  • Anti-slip silicone palm
  • Reflective strip feature


  • Do not keep hands warm

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12. Palmyth Waterproof Ice Fishing Winter gloves

Palmyth made sure you could use your touch screen devices when wearing these gloves with your index finger and thumb. In addition, the thumb has a nose-wiper in case your nose gets wet.

Your grip is likely to be secure as the palm of the gloves is made of silicone and synthetic leather. Besides that, these materials used are said to enhance the durability of the gloves.

Even better news is the affirmation by most users that these gloves are waterproof and windproof. Now, the bad news: they retain moisture and become damp on the inside.


  • Silicone palm grip
  • Nose wipe on thumb
  • Suitable for touch screen use
  • Comfortable and easy to use


  • Get damp and cold

Buying Guide for Ice Fishing Gloves

Here are a few factors you need to consider before investing in a pair of gloves.

Size and Fit

You want to get the measurements of your hand and use them against a sizing chart to get a pair of gloves that will fit perfectly.

This is because sizes tend to vary from one brand to another. The wrong size gloves will not serve their purpose effectively so you need to be very keen about this particular factor.

Comfort Ability

Even the most premium ice fishing mittens will not do you any good if they are uncomfortable to wear. This means that the gloves need to be made from soft material that will make it possible for you to fish comfortably.

Warmth Level

As we previously mentioned, hands are particularly sensitive to cold. As such, it is important to have mittens that will keep your hands warm and functional at the same time.

It is vital that your gloves have insulation and we have found fleece, nylon, and neoprene to be some of the best insulating materials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following questions can be of help in respect to this topic.

Why do I need fishing gloves?

It is important to protect your hands when fishing in extremely cold conditions because they are vulnerable to suffering frostbite.

Should fishing gloves be thick?

Yes, they should. This is for purposes of providing adequate insulation to keep your hands warm when fishing in cold weather.

However, fishing gloves should not be too thick to the point where they lose their functionality.

Best Overall Choice

MCTi Waterproof Men’s Ski Gloves takes the cake in this tight race. We think they are the best ice fishing gloves since they are likely to serve you well and keep your hands warm. Besides that, your hands remain dry since the gloves are waterproof.

Final Thoughts

While ice fishing is an amazing angling activity, you will not enjoy it if your hands are exposed to cold. As such, you want to get a pair of properly insulated mittens that will still serve their purpose.

This guide should help you make an informed decision.

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