15 Best Fishing Hats in 2023 – Protect Yourself From Sun!

You can agree with us that the best time to go angling is on a bright day when the sun is out. However, this means that you will be exposed to the harmful rays of the sun.

Besides, these rays are not the only thing you will have to face because there are other elements such as wind, and rain.

In that regard, you want to get the best fishing hats available. In general, a good hat is one that’s:

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Waterproof

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Best Fishing Hats

Awesome Hats for Anglers: Comparison List

Got just enough time for a quick read? Here’s a brief run-down of some of the good hats we could find out there.

1Rothco Boonie Hat Olive DrabOlive Drab7 1/2
2Jacobson Hat Company Men’s Deluxe Coolie HatNaturalAdult
3The Hat Depot 300N Unisex 100% CottonOliveSmall/Medium
4Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II Booney HatFossilOne Size
5CAMO COLL Outdoor Sun Cap Mesh Boonie HatKhakiOne Size
6DDYOUTDOOR TradeKhakiOne Size Fits All
7EINSKEY Men’s Waterproof Sun HatDark GrayOne Size
8Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II Booney HatSageOne Size
9GearTOP Fishing Hat and Safari CapArmy Green1 Pack
10UnderArmour Men’s Tactical Bucket HatBlackOne Size
11Military Camouflage Boonie Bush SafariBlackMedium
12LETHMIK Fishing Sun Boonie HatGrey GreenOne Size
13CamoColl Outdoor Anti-mosquito Mask HatDark GrayOne Size 
14Rapiddominance BooniesKhakiSmall
15Columbia Men’s Schooner Bank Cachalot III Hat SageOne Size

1. RothcoBoonie Fishing Hat

If you are planning to go fishing in the summer, you will need a hat that will help you cool down even without compromising on visibility.

This RothcoBoonie fishing hat is a good choice because besides being functional, it’s also fashionable.

Key Features

Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, the Boonie hat is lightweight and breathable. This way, it proves practical for all-day use and also ideal for hot summer days.

What’s more, the hat is available in different colors. Our favorite one is the Olive drab as it blends well with vegetation. We think it’d be a cool choice for hunting and fishing.

Lastly, its 4 screened side vents do a good job of shielding you from the sun which further helps keep you cool.


  • Camouflaging colors
  • Adjustable the chin strap
  • Four ventilation holes for air circulation


  • Stitches are uneven, forcing dips and bulges

2. Jacobson Hat Company Men’s Adult Deluxe Coolie Hat

This hat has mostly been designated to be worn by men while fishing to help them keep cool.

Also, there are some similar styles of the same hat that can be worn by women as well.

Key Features

The hat looks so cool because of the straw material that is used to make it 100%.

The straw hat is designed to protect the head from the scorching sun or heatstroke, which it is believed to do perfectly.

Nonetheless, the hat has a downside, in which the straw can sometimes be fragile. Therefore handling it should be done with care.


  • Adjustable chin string
  • One size that fits up to XL
  • Five-inch deep crown


  • Straw is quite fragile

3. The Hat Depot 300N Unisex Sun Hat

This hat has incredible features that make it one of the ideal hats to wear while fishing in the summer.

Besides that, the hat is very comfortable, and this allows you to wear it all through the day.

However, the downside of the hat is that it runs big after a while. It is therefore advisable to go for a smaller size.

Key Features

The hat is good for keeping the sun off the face and in addition, very small and easy to pack in your suitcase.

The cap is also very affordable and available in a variety of colors to choose from.


  • Variety of colors
  • Affordable
  • Fits perfectly


  • Might get larger with time

4. Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II Booney Hat

This hat gives you the best way to enjoy fishing without worrying about intense UV rays from the sun.

The wide brim of the hat fits any outdoor activity very well, including adventure, and therefore, when you are not fishing, you can use it to go jogging.

Key Features

The cap is 100% nylon material that ensures it is durable to serve you for quite a while.

In addition, the hat also comes with an Omni-Wick sweatband and an adjustable chin strap to ensure it fits you well.


  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Sweatband, keeping your face dry
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Not as stylish as expected

5. CamoColl Outdoor Sun Cap Camouflage Boonie Hat

The Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Cap is made from cotton and polyester material that makes it very lightweight.

Besides that, you can always adjust it using the adjustable drawstrings to fit your head perfectly.

On the flip side, the hat is not UPF rated, and many people might be turned off by this and not go for it.

Key Features

The hat’s 7.5 inches inner diameter is ideal to fit different sizes. You will only need to adjust it using the drawstrings.

Furthermore, the 13.5 inches outer diameter makes it ideal for protecting your face or skin from sunburns.


  • Seems durably built
  • Can fit anyone
  • Lightweight
  • Collapsible clown


  • Not UPF rated

6. Ddyoutdoor 07-281 Fashion Summer Outdoor Sun Protection Fishing Cap

Are you in need of a fishing hat with excellent coverage with UPF of over 50? This hat by Ddyoutdoor might just be the right one for you.

Key Features

This fishing hat comes with a face mask, side flaps, and back to give you the best protection.

Additionally, those features can be detached from the hat whenever you want to have flexibility and versatility.

You can count on the hat to protect both your face and neck against any burns.


  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Extra features are detachable
  • List Element


  • Low-quality stitching

7. Einskey Summer Outdoor Sun Protection Hat

This is yet another one size fits all fishing hat that is designed for both men and women.

You can always count on it to fit you since it comes with an adjustable elastic drawing that can fit all head sizes.

Key Features

The hat is water-resistant, and it is believed to offer one of the best protection from sunburns.

Besides that, the material used to make it is comfortable and breathable khaki.

Even in windy conditions, the adjustable chords will help hold your hat in place.


  • One size to fit all
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Breathable material


  • Only folds on one side

8. Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II Booney Hat

This is yet another fishing hat from Columbia that is designed to protect you from harsh summer conditions.

The material is of high quality, which is made from 100% nylon.

Key Features

The 13-inch wide diameter is ideal in ensuring that it prevents your face from the unnecessary UV lays.

Additionally, the adjustable drawcord and toggle for a fit are good to ensure any size will perfectly be compatible.


  • Adjustable drawcords
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh vents


  • Not as stylish as expected

9. GearTOP Fishing Hat and Safari Cap

This hat provides maximum sun protection to keep you safe all the time.

You can trust it to offer you one of the best protection on your neck, ears, and face from the dangerous UVA and UVB rays.

Key Features

At the top of the hat, you will find the mesh that brings in some cool air.

In addition, the hat comes with a drawstring that makes allows you to fit it tight and avoid it from being blown away by the wind.

The hat is also extremely comfortable, and the material used to make it is lightweight.


  • Adjustable with a drawstring
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Mesh on top for cooling


  • Almost too floppy

10. UnderArmour Men’s Tactical Bucket Hat

This Under Armour Men’s Tactical Bucket Hat can be ideal whenever you are thinking of fishing in the summer.

When you are not fishing, the hat can also be worn when you are going hunting or even walking when the temperature is hot and dry.

Key Features

The hat is believed to be waterproof to start with.

Additionally, the hat strikes back with a good sweatband on its inside. It also has high-grade polyester material that helps in wicking the moisture.

Furthermore, the hat is completely lightweight due to its lightweight polyester material.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable with efficient sweatband


  • Sometimes it lets water through

11. SW Military Camouflage Boonie Bush Safari Outdoor Fishing Hat

This is yet another hat that comes designed to fully protect your face, ears, and neck against harmful UV rays.

Key Features

The SW Camouflage Boonie Bush hat is entirely lightweight to feel good on your head. This is because it has been made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

Additionally, it comes with a three-inch brim and neck flap that protects you from the sun.

It is also very affordable with its chinstrap with cord lock to allow you to adjust the size.



  • The color is way off for hot conditions

12. LETHMIK Fishing Sun Boonie Hat

This waterproof hat comes with a waterproof design that makes it very unique.

Additionally, the hat has been made with 100% polyester that is extremely lightweight.

A downside of the hat is that the plasticky feel of the hat makes them sweat.

Key Features

The hat comes in seven different colors that give you a variety to choose from.

Moreover, it is believed to have a sun protection factor of 50+ that protects you from most of the harmful sun rays.


  • Waterproof
  • Many colors
  • Protects from most harmful rays


  • No pockets

13. CamoColl Outdoor Anti-mosquito Mask Hat

This hat comes with a camouflage finish that helps you blend in perfectly into the woods and the sea, and this might be the ideal heart that will mix both fashion and effectiveness.

Key Features

The hat comes with adjustable straps that help hold the hat in place, even on a windy day.

Additionally, it has been made using the cotton/polyester material blend that makes it not only durable but also very lightweight.

On the flip side, the hat fills very stiff and can become very uncomfortable at times.


  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable chin strap


  • Very stiff

14. Rapid dominance Boonies Fishing Hat

This hat is made from lightweight and easily collapsible material, and this makes it very ideal to always carry it around with you while fishing in the summer.

Furthermore, this hat has been made with precise military specifications, and therefore you can be confident it is of high quality.

Key Features

Having a blend of polyester and cotton, the hat is extremely lightweight and easy to clean.

Besides that, you can use the machine to wash it and later air-dry it.

The hat also comes with a chin strap that can be locked in place so you will not have to worry about the hat slipping off.


  • Lightweight
  • Chinstrap for strap
  • Machine washable


  • Might be hard to find your right size

15. Columbia Men’s Schooner Bank Cachalot III Hat

This hat has the feel and the look of a real baseball cap that makes have that protective feel.

Besides that, it can be the right hat to protect you from the tough summer whenever you are fishing.

Key Features

The hat has been made with lightweight UPF 50+ nylon fabric with CoolMax polyester lining and Omni-wick sweatband.

In addition, it is fitted with elastic drawcord, which is adjustable at any time.


  • Lightweight
  • Protects you from UV light
  • Comes in two colors


  • Only comes in one size

Buying Guide for Best Fishing Hats

If you are looking to get the perfect fishing hat, you will have to consider a few factors such as:

Hat Aeration

Angling takes a bit of time and it is likely that you are going to be out in the water for a while. That said; you are bound to sweat especially under humid conditions.

You want to choose a hat with cooling features and adequate ventilation to guarantee that you remain cool and comfortable.

Ventilation allows heat to escape and cool air to circulate around your head to keep you cool. Mesh or canvases with small holes are some of the fabrics that offer good ventilation.

Modifiable Straps

While you are out angling, you need to keep in mind that you are bound to experience strong winds. The last thing you want is for these winds to blow your hat away and this is where adjustable straps come in.

All you have to do is fasten these straps tighter for a more secure fit that will ensure your hat remains intact.

When the weather is calmer,you can loosen the straps for a more relaxed fit or do away with them altogether for days when you are using the hat as a fashion statement.

Hat Size

A good fishing hat should have the right fit. It should not be too loose that you have to keep adjusting it or holding it with your hands or too tight that it restricts your head movements.

The fact that most hats come in a ‘one size fits all’ size can make it harder to get the right fit. The best way to get a fitting hat is by measuring your head’s circumference and using the dimensions against a sizing chart.

Hat Weight

Fishing is about concentration, which means that you do not want anything distracting you from the task at hand.

Some hats will be made from heavy material that may weigh you down and you want to stay away from such.

You want a lightweight hat that will make you forget that you even have something on your head.

Waterproof Ability

Angling involves water and it is a no-brainer that you are bound to get wet at some point. Even if you are able to avoid getting wet, fishing is an outdoor activity and chances are that rain will catch you unaware one of these days.

In view of that, you to have a quick drying, or water-resistant hat. This will keep water from getting to your face, which can be very uncomfortable.

Moreover, a quick drying and waterproof hat will remain afloat even if it falls into the water so you can easily retrieve it.

Hat Durability

You want your hat of choice to be made of durable material that can withstand the harsh conditions you are going to encounter when you are out in the water.

This will ensure that you do not keep spending money on replacements and repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below, we have addressed several questions that can be helpful in your research.

Why do I need a fishing hat?

Obviously, fishing is an outdoor activity that will expose you to harsh weather conditions. The sun in particular emits harmful rays that can even cause skin cancer.

In that regard, you want a fishing hat that will safeguard you from such elements.

A fishing hat also protects you from sunburns and keeps you cool in humid weather.

How do I keep my fishing hat intact on my head when it is windy?

You want to get a fishing hat with flexible chin straps that you can fasten tighter for a more secure fit. This will prevent your hat from flying off even in the strongest of winds.

In case you already bought a hat without such straps, you can always go the DIY way and add them to your hat on your own.

Best Pick

Given a chance, we’d buy each one of these 15 top-rated angling hats. However, if we had to settle for just one of them, we’d go for the RothcoBoonie Fishing Hat. It feels quite well-made plus it fits quite well.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a good fishing hat is an essential item for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time out in the water.

Aside from protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun and getting wet when it rains, it also keeps you cool in hot weather.

If you are creative enough, you can even use the hat for everyday wear as a fashion piece. This guide should be a useful tool to help you make the right choice so go ahead and do it.

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