10 Best Catfish Rods 2023 [with Buyer’s Guide]

You may have desired catching catfish at some point in your angling escapades and rightfully so because they make for a scrumptious meal.

However, without the right tools at hand, catching these fish may remain to be a dream. The best catfish rods can help you actualize your dream.

This rod should be:

  • Durable
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Lightweight

We want to show you how to choose the right rod that will help you catch those catfish in their dozens so keep it here to find out how.

Best Catfish Rods

Top-Rated Best Fishing Rods for Catfish in 2023: Comparison Table

Looking for a rod that can help you fight feisty catfish? Here’s a run-down of some of the leading rods available out there.

1UglyStik GX2 spinning rod7 Feet0.7 pounds
2KastkingkatTech catfish Rods7 Feet3.6 pounds
3Shakespeare spinning fishing rod8 Feet0.65 pounds
4Uglystik catfish fishing combo7 Feet1.6 pounds
5Okuma Battle Cat Catfish Spinning Rods7 Feet 6 Inches1.2 pounds
6UglyStik catfish casting rod7 Feet0.8 pounds
7LurEra Catfish Casting Rod7 Feet0.65 pounds
8Shakespeare ugly stik spinning rod0.5 pounds
9Eagle Claw Catclaw casting rod8 Feet0.15 pounds
10Team Catfish Thunder 7’6 MH Action9 pounds

1. UglyStik GX2 spinning rod  

The Ugly Stik spinning rod has been one of the best rods for anglers due to the strength and the toughness of this rod.

Furthermore, due to the nature of catfish being big and aggressive, the rod has to be sturdy and super sensitive and durable.

This rod also is the ideal fishing tool for the night due to its visible and glow in the dark tip, which makes it suitable for a night fishing experience.

Key features 

The catfish rod is equipped with durable stainless steel guides and is made from a graphite material, making it durable and lightweight.

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The handle is well designed with Spit EVA grips for good and accurate control, not forgetting that this grip also helps the angler has a firm grip when handling big fish.


  • Designed for longer casts
  • Glows the dark tip
  • Sensitive and flexible


  • Not very portable due to its bulkiness

2. KastkingkatTech catfish Rods 

KastkingkatTech catfish rod is best preferred due to the massive power it is built for and the type of material that it is built from for endurance and durability.

Besides, this rod is constructed from two elements that make it outdo others in performance; the S-Glass and the graphite that makes it strong and lightweight

Nevertheless, you may think that the rod is heavier due to the massive fish that it is built for, but on the contrary, it is light as the graphite rode is hollow and accurate. 

Key features 

The toughness and strength are well revealed by the installed Fuji double footed guide frames that also boost the handling of heavy catfish from the water.

The handles have a well-designed rubber cork that will enable you to have firm and long hours grip when targeting big fish; it is comfortable and controllable.


  • Added strike detection
  • Well balanced construction
  • Not slippery and comfortable


  • Sophisticated for beginners

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3. Shakespeare spinning fishing rod 

This casting rod is intended for large fish and more experienced anglers of all times due to its demanding make and sensitivity while hunting for the large catfish.

Similarly, the rod is made such that the angler can fish whenever they want because it features a clear tip for the night fishing and provides the ability to see gnawing fish.

Additionally, the guides are well-engineered and are double footed to increase stability and provide for toughness while lifting the aggressive catfish.

Key features 

This rod is equipped with I grips and rubber gimbals that ensure the rod remains in your hand while struggling with the large catfish at all times.

Furthermore, the EVA foam is resistant to skids and being slippery when water from the seas sprinkles on it unknowingly, for a better grip.


  • Patented clear tip
  • Double footed stainless steel guides
  • Great control


  • Heavy to fish with

4. Uglystik catfish fishing combo 

This is one of the most recognizable rods by anglers due to its ability to endure tough and bigger fishes and durability capability.

The Ugly Stik catfish fishing combo is also modified into a two-piece model that will help you carry it and also does not eat up space at the storeroom.

Additionally, it is equipped with stainless steel guides that help in retrieving and casting the line even at a longer range.

Key features 

This spinning rod has a clear tip design that enhances the sensitivity of the fishing rod, it can detect large fish approaching for the bait.

Besides, the rod’s handles are made in an oversized design to enhance the grip and handling power when fighting with large fish.


  • The catfish rod is tough and efficient
  • Suitable for the aggressive fish
  • Oversized handle knobs for a firm grip


  • Very large

5. Okuma battle cat spinning rods for catfish 

The Okuma battle cat spinning rods for catfish is regarded as the best for professional anglers because of the endurance and stability of the rod.

The fishing rod has a very sturdy backbone that gives the rod with high power o avoid breaking when battling big fish.

 Additionally, for the suitability, this catfish rod comes in two different sizes and different lengths for a better fishing experience of all times.

Key features 

The Okuma battle cat spinning rods for catfish is fitted with EVA fore grip and cork rear grip handles and knobs to allow for accurate control of the spinning rod. 

This rod is made from an E-Glass hollow material, and the stainless steel guide rings are double-footed to increase the stability as you hunt for the big fish.


  • Sensitive, strong and durable
  • Has a hook keeper
  • EVA fore and cork grips


  • A bit heavy

6. UglyStik catfish casting rod 

This rod for catfish is the arguably most selected and used spinning rod in the angler’s world due to its ability to catch large fish.

Furthermore, the rod that makes its backbone is not destructible easily due to stiff battle with fish and heavy lifting, but it endures all the weight.

The fly fishing rod also portrays another ability in that you can work at night with it because of the glow in the dark tip that guides through the night.

Key features 

This catfish rod is constructed from a graphite material that is light, flexible, and durable to carry on professional fishing for a long time that you expected.

Additionally, the handles are enhanced with split EVA grips for better control and stainless steel guides for an accurate line casting.


  • For long casting and big fish
  • Sensitive and flexible
  • Has to glow in the dark tip


  • Not very portable; it’s large

7. lurEra catfish casting rod 

This spinning rod is considered very powerful due to its 30-ton carbon fiber construction and does an excellent job for the anglers.

The making is exclusively lightweight due to the hollow nature of the carbon material that it is made from, thereby its swiftness.

Additionally, the reel seat is very durable and sensitive, which is an important aspect for the anglers as it detects fish when it comes closer to the bait.

Key features 

The rod attributes a camouflage-color EVA handle and a high-density rubber bottom to aid in using the rod for hours without losing the grip.

Besides, the guides are stainless steel and include ceramic guides to help you cast and retrieve the line and protects it from damage.


  • Sturdy performance
  • For large fish
  • Balance is enhanced


  • Surface is rough

8. Shakespeare ugly stik spinning rod for catfish 

The reason this rod is considered as suitable for almost everyone is that it comes in several sizes ad duo piece design for a particular suitable job.

This spinning rod is much easier to use tool compared to other models of Ugly Stik due to its versatility and sensitivity throughout the fishing experience.

Additionally, it is built to handle large fish as catfish due to inbuilt medium-heavy action for heavy lifting and battling. 

Key features 

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik spinning rod for catfish has tuff one stainless steel rings for guiding the line casting and retrieving, especially in long casts.

Furthermore, the clear tip technology and its large 7-foot rod make this rod suitable for both smaller and larger fish and in any condition in the waters.


  • Comfortable and powerful
  • Smooth ring guides
  • Balanced well.


  • Does not use monofilament

9. Eagle Claw Catclaw casting rod 

Eagle Claw Catclaw casting rod is a technological advancement in the fishing rod industry due to the remarkable features it has, such as accuracy measures.

Therefore, the fish rod is explicitly made for the fish, which are fighters and may end up tiring, and maiming the angler were it not for this rod.

It is made with a medium power tenacity, especially at the backbone, to enhance strength and durability while catching the big fish.

Key features 

The total guides add up to 6+1 to withstand a heavier line weight of about 30lbs of fish, making this rod the best for professional anglers. 

The blank of this rod is made of glass for strength and has an EVA foam grip handle to help in the control of the catfish even when the knobs are wet.


  • High-quality materials 
  • Accurate
  • Well balanced


  • It is a bit bulky.

10. Team catfish thunder 7’6 MH spinning rod 

This fishing rod is one of the most favorable and can be used in competitions or faster action experiences while catching large fish.

Furthermore, this type of spinning rod is very large, and thus it has a duo set up technology for easier transportation and storage.

The sensitive tip on the rod senses even the slightest movement of the catfish near the bait to allow you to be keen and alert for the catch.

Key features 

The spinning rod is made from an E-Glass material bank to boost strength and the ability to last long in the seas and also throughout its lifetime. 

Additionally, it has a double strength enhancer support rings to increase the toughness and stability of the spinning rod.


  • It has an anti-slip foam grip
  • Duo piece construction
  • Equipped with a sensitive tip


  • A bit heavy

Features to Look for in a Catfish Rod

You want to consider a few important factors if you want a top rated catfish rod. These factors include:

Rod Material

Catfish are stubborn and strong. In that regard, you want a rod made of sturdy material that can be able to withstand their aggressive behavior.

Graphite and fiberglass are some of the materials to consider, or better still, a combination of the two.

Rod Length

Catfish come in different sizes so when choosing the length of your rod, you want to consider that. Smaller fish will require a shorter rod and vice versa.

Rod Handle

You want the handle of your rod to be as comfortable as possible. Most cheap rods have foam or cork bases but we recommend cork because of its durability and comfort ability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have addressed some commonly asked questions about what we are discussing that can be of help.

How long should a catfish rod be?

As previously mentioned, the average rod is about seven to nine feet long. This is just the right length to catch medium-sized catfish.

However, you can go shorter or longer depending on the size of fish you intend to catch.

What kind of fishing rod should I use for catfish?

You want to consider the fishing rod power. Usually, a medium or medium heavy action will be able to handle channel catfish.

For flathead and blue catfish, medium heavy action would be preferable.

Best Choice

In the end, if we only had enough money for just one rod, we’d choose the Ugly Stik GX2 spinning rod. It’s a fantastic rod with just enough power to deal with stubborn catfish. Above all, it’s highly sensitive and accurate.

Final Thoughts

Fishing for catfish can be a thrilling sport that yields impressive results but not without the right gear. As you shop for a catfish rod, you want to ensure that you get the best in terms of durability, performance, and quality.

We know that finding the best design can be difficult since there is an array of options in the market. Your experience and skill plays a part as well when it comes to landing catfish but with the information in this guide, you are one step closer to perfecting your craft.

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