12 Best Baitcasting Rods 2023: Unbiased Guide

When it comes to the world of fishing, two types of rods top the charts i.e. baitcasting and spinning. So, which one of these two should you settle for?

Well, your selection should be guided by the techniques you have and the fish species you’re targeting. And in this case, if you’re targeting bass or other saltwater monsters, you’re better of settling for the best baitcasting rods available.

Baitcasting has many benefits over spinning. For instance, baitcaster reels provide more line capacity and better control over the cast unlike spinning ones which are narrower and quite basic.

Now that you know why baitcasting is the in thing, it’s time to understand what makes a good rod for this style of fishing. Some of the points worth paying attention to include:

  • Blank materials
  • Power and action
  • Quality of line guides
  • Reel seat

In the era of specialty rods, it is important to pick the right one with the characteristics that conform to your intended use. And that’s pretty much what we’ll be talking about in the following paragraphs.

Top-Most Best Baitcasting Rods in 2023 – Comparison Table

Best Baitcasting Rods

To make life a tad easier for you, we have prepared a shortened list of the rods that we recommend. For detailed reviews, be sure to scroll down to the main reviews section.

1KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods7 Feet 1 Inches3.2 pounds
2Cadence CR7B Baitcasting Rods6 Feet 10 Inches3.8 pounds
3Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting7 Feet2.1 pounds
4Piscifun One Piece Torrent Baitcasting Rod7 Feet3.4 pounds
5Entsport E Series – Camo Legend 2-Piece Casting Rod7-Feet0.45 pounds
6Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod6 Feet 10 Inches0.3 pounds
7Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod6 Feet0.3 pounds
8Entsport E Series Rattlesnake Casting Rod7 Feet
9Piscifun Torrent Portable Baitcasting Rod0.48 pounds
10Cadence CR6B Baitcasting Rods6 Feet 6 inches0.27 pounds
11BERRYPRO Casting Rods7 Feet
12TAIRYO Baitcasting Fishing Rods6 Feet 6 inches

1. KastKing Two Pieces and One Piece, Perigee II Twin-Tip Spinning and Casting Rods

This Medium Heavy fast action fishing rod by KastKing features high-quality components and is categorized under Perigee II Fishing Rods.

Getting this twin-tip rod is like purchasing two rods but for the cost of only one! The tips for this rod are either Medium Heavy or Medium but you can also get them as Medium Light or Heavy power.

Product Description

This 7’1″ two-piece baitcasting and spinning rod is made from 24-ton Toray Carbon fiber KastFlex Blank technology for increased strength, accuracy, durability or power.

You will love how the power is smoothly transited across the rod’s blank, this makes you think that you are using a one-piece fishing rod.

Other important features include; Saf-T-Keeper fishhook holder, the famous Fuji-O-Ring line guides, and high strength graphite reel seats.


  • Bare but sensitive carbon finish
  • Has high-density EVA grips
  • Two-piece
  • Smooth power transition
  • Includes high-quality features


  • Not strongly built

2. Cadence CR7B Fishing Rods Fast Action Baitcasting Rods

Cadence makes all its CR7B 1-Piece rods from Carbon wrapped veil and 40-ton graphite blanks because they are lightweight, highly sensitive, have more power and are durable.

The ergonomically designed high-grade cork, Fuji reel seat and the EVA handle provide a firm but comfortable grip so you won’t be overwhelmed by the hard-fighting fish.

Product Description

This 6’10″ Medium Heavy rod features durable stainless steel guides together with SIC inserts to provide smooth power transition for outstanding casting performance.

Being light, this rod is highly portable hence allows you to go fishing anytime and from anywhere.

Lastly, this fishing rod works great on either freshwater or saltwater environments without much ado on the type of fishing you be undertaking.


  • Multipurpose
  • Lightweight design
  • Made from High-quality materials
  • Available in various actions and lengths
  • Fast-action


  • Quite expensive
  • Only one-piece built and difficult to carry

3. Berkley HD Cherrywood Casting Rod

Though offered at a lower price, it is among the best baitcasting rods you will encounter.

This redefined Cherrywood version with Hybrid design construction has a grip that provides incomparable sensitivity while the cork handle’s tactile features make it stand out.

Additionally, the cork handle gives you extra grip and comfort so that you can fish endlessly without getting tired.

Product Description

This HD 7 feet Medium Heavy casting rod is equipped with SS304 strong guides.

The guides are 55% lighter and 20 times tougher than the traditional guides commonly made from aluminum oxide. Similarly, the guides are factory tested to ensure their dependability.

For easy handling, the weight is well distributed throughout the rod.


  • Great performance at an affordable price
  • Very tough and durable guides
  • Light and easy to use


  • One-piece construction
  • Poor quality inserts and cork grip

4. Piscifun One Piece Torrent IM6 Carbon Baitcasting Rod

If a high quality, durable, and lightweight rod is what you need to make our fishing successful, then Piscifun has some of the best rods to suit each need you may have.

This Medium Heavy one-piece rod is made from premium quality IM6 carbon and is equipped with wrapped guides in 4 different angles for perfect performance.

The properly positioned guides warrant smooth power transition and better control.

Product Description

The Torrent Series rod features outstanding sensitivity and feels light in your hand to help prevent fatigue which enables you to fish for long hours.

This rod’s length, weight, power, and action are specially built to help you get the most out of the time you spend on the water.


  • Pure power transition
  • Very sensitive
  • Possesses high-end features
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to carry


  • Single piece construction

5. Entsport E Series 7-Feet 2-Piece Camo Legend Baitcasting Fishing Rod

This fishing rod comes with a detailed focus on strength and is an enhancement to the age-old sensitive as well as lightweight design.

Additionally, the great density EVA handles give you superior control and comfort thus allowing you to fish for long without your hand getting fatigued.

Product Description

The rod is made from24 Ton Carbon Fiber that helps maximize strength and retain sensitivity.

This 7-feet rod has 2 tips which are offered as Medium or Medium Heavy for easy modification of the casting weight and makes it feel like you are handling 2 rods!

The rust-free frictionless guides ensure maximum sensitivity and casting performance.

To summarize, this Camo Legend baitcasting rod is backed by a limited lifetime warranty to assure you of its great quality.


  • Very versatile
  • Two-piece construction
  • Extreme-exposure advanced reel seat
  • Ergonomically designed EVA handles
  • More performance at a great price


  • Very Brittle blanks

6. Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod

Daiwa embraces the carbon technology of incorporating Super High Volume Fiber (SVF) with X45 Bias Graphite to increase the strength of this casting rod.

The graphite construction also ensures a zero blank twist coupled with increased flexibility.

Moreover, the Tatula rod is custom-built with a reel seat and an aluminum machined reel clump nut for enhanced performance.

Product Description

The tough and highly sensitive micro-itch taping blank is equipped with Fuji Alconite guides for long term use.

Unlike most rods with no guarantee, this Tatula casting rod features lightweight EVA grips for easy handling and is supported by a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

As a final point, the beautiful finish protects the blanks and also hinders corrosion.


  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • High-quality graphite and carbon construction
  • Various uses
  • Made with advanced features


  • Very expensive
  • Just one piece

7. UglyStik GX2 Casting Rod

Value for money is what you will get from this UglyStick casting rod. It is very flexible, durable and robust.

The GX2 rod is highly preferred by most fishermen; both the advanced and the newbies because it’s easy to use.

To add on that, the rod is lightweight for better control and features exceptional cosmetics that give it a modern look as compared to the earlier version.

Product Description

This UglyStick rod is made from a combination of fiberglass and graphite to make it more sensitive or strong.

The stainless steel guides used on this rod are long-lasting and help prevent insert pop-outs while the clear tip is for extra sensitivity or strength.

The EVA grips are also lightweight and durable for increased efficiency.


  • Durable
  • Extremely lightweight         
  • Offered in different variations
  • Well built


  • Not appropriate for large fish or tough currents
  • The tip is quite unsteady

8. Entsport E Series 7-Feet 2-Piece Rattlesnake Graphite Casting Rod

Ask any keen fisherman who has tried out most of the rods about the best all-around baitcasting rods. The Entsport casting rods is the common answer you will get.

Now digging further into this E Series graphite rod, it is uniquely designed with 3 tips which equal to obtaining 3 rods in one.

For increased versatility, the tips are of different powers; Medium, Medium Heavy, and Medium Light.               

Product Description

The 7-feet rod is made from top-quality but lightweight graphite that boosts its sensitivity.

Importantly, the 2-piece design makes the rod more convenient to carry for far off fishing destinations.

The high-quality split-grip cork handles guarantees comfortability and offers great control.

There’s an excellent guide system; 6+1 precisely lined up guides reinforced with durable ceramic inserts and stainless steel frames for increased performance.


  • Has a hook keeper
  • Lots of usage options
  • The 3 interchangeable tips offer awesome flexibility
  • Classic guide system


  • Not suitable for big fishes

9. Piscifun Torrent II Two-Piece Portable Fast Action Baitcasting Rod

Are you a beginner in the fishing field and would like to have a user-friendly baitcasting rod? Then this rod with 2 Medium and Medium-heavy tips is the perfect option.

The rod is constructed with a compound of fiberglass and graphite for a smoothly balanced almost unbreakable fishing rod.

Product Description

This 7-feet fast action rod’s tips possesses extra sensitivity and strength that helps you to spot the tiniest nibbles to help boost your catch rates.

Concurrently, the lightweight design reduces hand fatigue while the EVA grip ensures you have a firm hold when dealing with hard-fighting fish.

The premium quality Zirconium inserts and stainless steel guides ensure no insert pop-out or unwanted line slippage.


  • Very sensitive tips
  • Lightweight
  • Lasts long
  • Versatile
  • Comprises high-quality guides


  • The guides may bend if more pressure is applied

10. Cadence CR6B Fast Action Portable Baitcasting Rods

This medium-fast action 6’6″ rod from Cadence has exemplary performance that won’t be compared to its offered price.

The ergonomically designed bare blank reel seat and the high-quality EVA handles allow you to have a firm but comfortable grip for overcoming even the strongest fishes.

Product Description

All rods in the CR6B category are great for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Moreover, their lightweight nature allows for easy carrying in your car’s trunk, backpack.

This 2-piece baitcasting rod is made from 30-ton durable graphite blanks that provide greater sensitivity, power, and strength.

In addition, the stainless steel guides are fitted with SiC inserts to make them extra-smooth for enhanced effectiveness.


  • Smooth power transition
  • Supported by a one-year worry-free warranty
  • Multipurpose


  • Putting the line on the rods is quite hard
  • Quite expensive

11. BERRYPRO 7-Feet Twin Tip Two Piece Casting Rods

BERRYPRO is a trusted and leading manufacturer of the best baitcasting rods.

This 7-feet two-piece rod is easy to pack and store for easy transportation in your backpack or your car’s trunk.

The 2 included tips that guarantee uncompromised fishing are the features that will make you love this rod.

Product Description

This model is highly sensitive, lightweight and is built to serve you for long. It is made with 24-ton carbon fiber tough material that makes the rod handle large fishes with no probability of breakage.

The rod’s EVA handles and high-density Cork compliment your fishing comfort and control.

Also featured are conveniently spaced Adopt 6+1 K Series guides that ensure the line flows with no friction and the casting is stress-free.


  • The two tips make the rod more versatile
  • Rust free guides
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight


  • More stiff than stated

12. TAIRYO 2-Piece 24 Ton Carbon Fiber Fishing Rods

In case you don’t have enough cash to buy some of the expensively priced rods in this list, then this pocket-friendly Rod by TAIRYO is here for you.

Amazingly, this fishing rod is made from high-quality carbon fiber which is relatively sensitive and very durable.

The 24-ton carbon blanks used to make the rod are structurally aligned and enhanced to promote strength as well as sensitivity.

Product Description

Premium quality O-ring Fuji guides are used for increased accuracy while the unique tip design also helps maximize the sensitivity.

This Medium Heavy 2-piece rod is easy to use and carry. The rod is similarly great for use on all freshwater and saltwater bodies and is backed by a one-year worry-free warranty.

The graphite reel seat is ergonomically designed to stay put whereas the EVA handle together with the butt and fore grips ensure you have a firm hold.


  • Built with durable materials
  • Highly sensitive
  • Delivers flawless performance
  • Affordable


  • Has only one tip

Baitcasting Rods Buying Guide

We live in a world full of options. Therefore, you need to arm yourself with the right kind of information so you can make the correct decisions and get maximum bang for your bucks. Here’s a guide to that effect.

Blank Materials

As far as blank materials go, the competition is usually between graphite and fiberglass. In some cases, you can find rods that are made from a combination of the two.

Graphite rods are known for their enhanced sensitivity and fighting power. Fiberglass blanks, on the other hand, are known for being highly durable though less sensitive than graphite.

For the best of both worlds, we’d recommend going for rods made from composites. That said, composite blanks don’t come cheap.


Rod action is divided into 4 categories namely slow, medium, moderate, and fast. Fast action rods are ones that bend within the first 30% of the rod’s length. Medium ones bend further down the length.

You want to go for a fast-action rod if you’re into jigging. Moderate action rods work best if you’re into middleweight crankbaits. Lastly, slow action rods are suited for long, gentle casts especially when using live bait.


The more the power a rod has, the better it is suited at taming large fish. Therefore, if you settle for an ultra-light rod, be prepared to settle for small fish species. If you’re into saltwater fishing, go for the medium-heavy and heavy varieties.

Quality of the Line Guides

It is important to go for quality line guides as they reduce line friction and enhance your fishing experience. High-quality guides are ones with quality inserts e.g. metallic or ceramic inserts which reduce friction and improve the sensitivity of the line to bites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure which rod to go with? In the following section, we’d like to respond to some of the common questions raised about baitcasting rods.

What is a 7 foot rod good for?

7 foot long rods are ideal for situations where you want to increase your casting distance. They are also recommended for casting large-sized baits.

Do long rods cast further?

The added length of such rods helps them to cast a few yards further than average-sized rods. The relationship is that simple!

What’s the length of fishing rod to use?

A: Rods range from 4 feet long to 14 feet long. However, average rods fall between 6 feet long and 8 feet long. Go for short rods if you’re planning for short casting distances. Likewise, go for long rods for longer casting distances.

Which One Is The Best?

The good guys from KastKing never disappoint. And that’s why our favorite baitcasting rod remains the KastKing Perigee II with Fuji O-Ring Guides and twin tip rods. We feel that this rod gives the best value for money.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying a baitcasting rod, never ever compromise on quality. You might be lucky to save a few bucks by buying a cheap knock-off only to end up badly disappointed once you try to use it. So, always keep in mind the tips and tidbits we’ve provided you with so you can make informed choices always.

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