10 Best Baitcasting Rod Under 150 – Reviewed Compared

Looking for the best baitcasting rod under 150? Well, with 150 bucks, you can get some really good rods. But with all the options available to choose from, how does one select the best rod within this price range?

If you’re looking for a baitcasting rod that is durable and has quality components, below is a list of the best choices. Just take a good look at the rods and see which ones might suit your fishing style the best.

Best Baitcasting Rod Under 150

10 Best Rated Baitcasting Rod Under 150 in 2023 – Quick Comparison Table

When it comes to baitcasting rods, you do get what you pay for. Don’t have a lot of time at your disposal to read our entire guide? We hope this comparison table can help you find what you’re looking for. But for a detailed review of each of these rods, you can scroll further down.

1Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod7 Feet 6 Inches52.8 ounces
2St. Croix MJS610MLXF Mojo Bass Spinning Fishing Rod6 Feet 10 Inches4 ounces
3Entsport E Series – Camo Legend Casting Rod7-Feet7.2 ounces
4Lews Fishing LCLMBR Custom Lite Casting Rods7 Feet4.8 ounces
5Cadence CR6B Baitcasting Rods Fishing Rods7 Feet1.76 ounces
6St.Croix Mojo Bass 7.1ft Mhf 1pc Casting Rod6 Feet 8 Inches4.8 ounces
7LEW’S TP173MH-CB Casting Rod7 Feet 3 inches3.99 Ounces
8DaiwaTatula Rod7 Feet
9St Croix Bass X Casting Rods7 Feet 1 inches
10St. Croix Triumph Casting Rod6 Feet 6 inches64 Ounces

1. Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod

Made from high-quality carbon, this rod is very durable and at the same time light in weight. And for best performance, the rod boasts high-temperature molding resin.

Best of all, it features a high-density EVA split grips designed to give you a comfortable touch. On top of that, the rod comes with an anti-line twist for smooth long-casting distance.


  • Easy to hook and unhook baits thanks to the hook keeper
  • Well, balanced, strong, and sensitive
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Includes guides at four different angles


  • Anti-line tip breaks very easily

2. St Croix Mojo Spinning Rod

Whether you prefer casting from shore, lake or rivers, this rod promises to give you responsive performance. It features IPC tooling technology for superior performance and at an unbelievable value.

What’s more? Constructed from SCII graphite, the St Croix rod is well-balanced, sensitive, and up to 15% lighter.

Additionally, the rod boasts a split-grip handle with premium-grade cork to ensure optimal comfort and less fatigue.


  • Includes a hook keeper for ease of hooking and unhooking baits
  • Ergonomic handle for great touch and control
  • 3D guides for consistent and smooth performance
  • Premium construction


  • Poor packaging so the rod might arrive scratched and the paint chipped

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3. Entsport E Series Casting Rod

Featuring two-rod tips including medium and medium-heavy, the Entsport E Series allows you to easily adjust your casting weight.

But you know what the best part is? The rod boasts seven corrosion resistant guides that offer optimal sensitivity and casting performance.

Besides, it is constructed from 24T carbon fiber that makes it extremely sturdy, lightweight and sensitive.


  • Enhanced reel seat with a soft-touch finish
  • EVA handles for maximum comfort, sensitivity, and control
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Well-spaced guides to minimize line friction


  • Tips seem to be a bit too frail
  • Metal eyelets may lead to line snapping

4. Lew’s Custom HM85 Lite Casting Rod

One of the features that make the Lew’s Custom HM85 a great rod for the money is its reel seat. The seat boasts a SoftTouch skeletal design to offer you direct contact with blank for optimal sensitivity.

More importantly, it comes with titanium-oxide guides that are precisely positioned for superior casting performance and durability.

On top of that, it includes Split Grip handles designed to provide you with maximum grip and feel even when wet.


  • Made from graphite for lightweight performance and durability
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Extremely sensitive
  • Wrapped in a multilayer construction for great performance


  • The packaging of this rod is bad from some sellers

5. Cadence CR6B Rods

To start with, this rod comes equipped with stainless steel guides featuring inserts for enhanced sensitivity and minimized friction.

Additionally, the Cadence CR6B rods boast premium EVA handles and exposed reel seat to allow firm and comfortable grip. As such, you can easily overcome any hard-fighting fish.

More importantly, it is lightweight, sensitive, strong and durable thanks to its 30T graphite construction.


  • Ideal for freshwater and saltwater fishing conditions
  • Backed by one year warranty
  • Easily fits in a backpack, car, boat hatch or trunk
  • Offers great long casting distance


  • Would probably struggle with big fish

6. St Croix Mojo Casting Rods

Here is yet another pair of rods from St Croix that feature premium modulus SCIII graphite construction for great sensitivity and durability.

But here is the best part, the rods are engineered for use in both saltwater and freshwater. Besides, the St Croix Casting rods boasts Integrated Poly Curve technology to ensure greater sensitivity and increased strengths.


  • Crafted to offer precise and responsive performance
  • Extremely sensitive and light in weight
  • Includes 3D guides with aluminum-oxide rings for a stunning performance
  • Ergonomic handle with split-grip and grade cork


  • Poor packaging so the right might arrive damaged

7. LEW’S TP173MH-CB Casting Rod

This is yet another great baitcasting rod under $150 that boasts a Microwave guide system for improved casting distance and accuracy. And for superior rod control and touch, the rod comes with Dri-Tac split-grip handles.

Moreover, the LEW’S TP173MH-CB is made from superior IM8 graphite blanks that are sensitive to touch, lightweight, and strong.

And for your peace of mind, the rod is covered by a one-year limited warranty against poor workmanship and manufacturer’s defects.


  • Guide system eliminates any wind knots
  • Handle provides the ultimate control in all weather conditions
  • Designed to offer you long-lasting performance
  • Boasts great casting accuracy


  • Eyelets are too small

8. DaiwaTatula Rod

Looking for a pair of rods to take your fishing experience to new levels? You might want to consider the Daiwa Tatula.

Featuring bias graphite-fiber construction, this rod is known for its great strength and flexibility. Besides, it boasts a Zero-G design to ensure lightweight performance.

What’s more, the Daiwa Tatula rod spots Fuji Alconite guides to help you cast further and more accurately. Best of all, it includes split EVA grips that are ultra-lightweight for superior control.


  • Covered by a five-year warranty
  • Made of strong and sensitive taping blanks
  • The custom reel seat is light in weight
  • Has great sensitivity and is incredibly comfortable


  • Might easily snap into half

9. St Croix Bass X Rods

Built to meet the demands of every angler without breaking the bank, this rod looks and feels great. It is constructed from high-quality SCII graphite blanks to ensure superior durability and casting performance.

More importantly, the St Croix Bass X rods come with split-grip handles featuring premium cork for ultimate comfort and reduced fatigue.

Also included with the rod are aluminum-oxide guides that allow for accurate long casts.


  • Designed for serious anglers
  • Backed by 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Super-fast tip
  • The sensitive handle offers great grip and control


  • They could have done better in terms of packaging

10. St Croix Triumph Rods

Last but not least we have these Triumph rods from St Croix. Made from premium quality graphite, there is no doubt that these rods are built with durability in mind.

And for superior casting performance, the rods feature finely tuned tapers and actions. Further, the St Croix Triumph rods come with aluminum-oxide guides to allow great casting and sensitivity.

Also included with rods is a cork handle designed to provide better control and ultimate comfort.


  • Has outstanding sensitivity and strength
  • Includes hook-setting power for effortless hooking and unhooking of baits
  • Delivers a lot of power per cast
  • Light in weight


  • The tip may snap under heavy pressure

Buyer’s Guide- What to Look Out For

If you’ve already settled on buying a baitcasting rod, there are some features to look out for before making your purchase.

First, you will need to consider the handle of the rod. Basically, it should offer great grip, control, and comfort while fishing. Also, you need to take into account the overall construction of the rod. Graphite and carbon are the most common materials used because they’re sensitive, flexible, lightweight, and durable.

More importantly, look out for the action of the rod which is basically the speed. There are slow action and fast action rods. Slow action rods are bendy and require more time to just set the hook. Fast action rods, on the other hand, are faster to set the hook and offer great sensitivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

That said, here are a few frequently asked questions that we came across while writing this review.

What’s the difference between a baitcasting and spin casting rod?

Baitcasters are designed for seasoned anglers while spin casting rods are perfect for beginners or those with little experience.

What should every tackle box have?

It should have extra hooks, lures, extra line, first aid kit, plastic worms, bobbers, needle nose pliers, and sinkers.

What’s the best baitcasting rod under 150?

Well, it should be durable, sensitive, light in weight, and with good grip as well as control.

Our Top Pick

The Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting rod is our top pick because it comes with all features you need to battle big fish. Besides, it is well-balanced, sensitive and lightweight. On top of that, the rod is made of IM6 carbon to ensure long-lasting performance.

Final Thoughts

When you are after big bass, you need a good rod that is built with strong materials and with great guides. Luckily, all the above baitcasting rods meet all these specifications. Best of all, they go for less than 150 bucks.

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