15 Best AA Flashlight 2023 – Review + Latest Buying Guide

Long ago, people used to rely on torches to light their way in the dark. But then in 1890, a gentleman called Conrad Hubert came into the limelight when he invented the first flashlight ever. Centuries later, his innovation continues to play a major role in making our lives easier.

This write-up isn’t just about narrating the history of flashlights but we’d particularly want to talk about the best AA flashlights.

Don’t mistake them for AAA or D Cell flashlights. AA torches are well-known for their ability to combine power with enhanced portability. And in the following review and buying guide article we’d like to share some useful insights about them with you.

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Best AA Flashlight

Top-Rated Best AA Flashlight 2023: Comparison List

You can, of course, buy flashlights from the next store and the next brand but it takes a keen eye to tell the difference between a good one and a rip-off. Our list below comprises some of the best ones we came across during our research.

RankingNamePower SourceWeight
1Streamlight 88061 ProTac Professional Tactical LightAC/DC4 ounces
2Nitecore EA41 1020 Lumen Flashlight SearchlightBattery11.2 ounces
3BESTSUN Tactical LED FlashlightBattery powered1.6 ounces
4Nitecore MT2A 345 Lumens LED FlashlightBattery-powered5.6 ounces
5ThruNite T10 Magnetic Tailcap EDC FlashlightBattery4 ounces
6ThruNite Archer 1A V3 200 Reliable AA FlashlightBattery2.4 ounces
7ThruNite TN4A CW 1150 Lumen Single LED FlashlightBattery19.04 ounces
8Fenix E12 Flashlight Pocket-Sized bright flashlightAC/DC3.2 ounces
9COAST Polysteel 600 Lumen BeamLED FlashlightBattery12 ounces
10ThruNite Archer 2A V3 Neutral Lumens AA LED FlashlightBattery3.98 ounces
11Fenix LD22 2015 Edition 300 Lumens Led LightsBattery-Powered6.4 ounces
12Bundle: Klarus Mi7 LED 700 Lumens FlashlightBattery-powered0.96 ounces
13Nitecore MT2A LED 345 Lumen Multi-Task FlashlightBattery2.36 ounces
14ReyLight Pineapple FlashlightBattery-powered3.2 ounces
15ThruNite TN4A LED FlashlightBattery14.1 ounces

1. Streamlight Tactical Light

Streamlight is a company that is known to provide good flashlights. And indeed, this latest addition to the ProTac family doesn’t disappoint.

The good looking flashlight accepts single lithium-based or alkaline batteries, providing ultimate flexibility for you.

It measures 4.2 by 0.8 by 0.8 inches and weighs 2.5-ounces. So, it’s compact in size and light enough to be carried out even for long hours should the situation demand.

On top of that, this model from Streamlight is equipped with shock-proof technology. As such, it is one of the most stable sources of light available out there currently.

To sum it up, this reasonably-priced torch is quite powerful. It produces 350 lumens, just enough to light up your path without blinding anyone or draining the battery.


  • Has anti-roll face cap
  • It is serialized for positive identification
  • Removable, reversible pocket clip
  • Portable
  • Easy to use


  • Some users wish its battery life could be longer

2. Nitecore EA41 LED Flashlight

If you are looking for a good flashlight under 100, this sounds like a good alternative worth trying. It measures 4.6 by 1.7 by 1.6 and pulls up to 6.08 pounds.

This EA41 flashlight can be conveniently powered by four easily accessible and affordable AA batteries. Other than that, it has a simple dual-switch which makes it extremely easy for you to adjust its brightness levels.

In addition to that, this flashlight provides three special modes for emergency scenarios including strobe, SOS and location beacon.

We like this compact flashlight because it can easily be carried to any part of the world. You can conveniently have it in your pocket or backpack before you head out for any outdoor events.


  • Easy to use
  • Easily switches from throw to floodlight with the included diffuser
  • Includes light, holster, lanyard, O-ring, Lumen Tac (TM) Diffuser Filter
  • Price to performance ratio is quite good


  • Low battery warning could be better

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3. BESTSUN Tactical LED Flashlight

This is a very affordable, small and portable handheld flashlight enough to fit in/clip on your pocket, handbag or belt. In addition to that, it has great output LED bulb producing an intense beam of bright light and output brightness. It is efficient for long-distance observation or large area illumination.

Our editors like this product mostly due to the fact that its design makes it Water Resistance & Skid-proof which enables it to be used in rain and storms.

It is also ideal for every day carry and use in all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities such as camping, power failure, hiking, emergencies.


  • Water Resistance
  • Adjustable beam focus
  • Belt clip to easily hook on your belt, pocket, and backpack
  • Convenient for camping, car, cycling, hiking, etc


  • It is not intended for diving

4. Nitecore 345 Lumen MT2A Flashlight

This is a very low priced portable Amazon flashlight with a focused beam that reaches 166 yards. It has a dimension of 6.1 by 0.8 by 0.8 inches and weighs 2.4 ounces

Not only does it have 3 levels of brightness to choose from but it also comes with an SOS option. Of course, this option can come in handy when you’re in between a rock and a hard place!

This flashlight can be used for hiking, camping, roadside emergency and also law enforcement. For those who love outdoor activities, this is an item worth trying. Not only is it easy to use but also has a place for pocket installation.


  • Easy to operate and versatile
  • Easy to turn on and off
  • Quick switching between modes
  • Pocket Clip Installation


  • Doesn’t enable you to adjust the light

5. ThruNite T10 II Magnetic Tailcap EDC Flashlight

This is a reasonably priced flashlight that’s also known for being compact and light in weight. You can easily stash in your pocket and travel for many miles without even noticing that it’s there.

Its dimensions of 87mm x 19 mm speak volumes about its compactness. Plus we like its weight and the fact that it comes from a company that’s quite reputable.

One creative feature of it that we really like is its magnetic tail cap. This is of immense benefit to anybody who’d like to free their hands. So, if you’re a DIY person, you’ll certainly fall in love with this idea.

In addition to that, it has an Orange Reflector and aircraft quality aluminum body structure. Its unique features make it perfect for camping and other indoor-outdoor activities.


  • Waterproof
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Magnetic tail cap free your hands
  • Aircraft quality aluminum body structure
  • convenient side switch


  • Sometimes it doesn’t come with a pocket clip

6. ThruNite Archer 1A v3 200 lumens Flashlight

This is a very reliable flashlight that can be used in law enforcement, security, emergency, medical services, camping, duty light, and self-defense. Its compact and slim body shape make it ideal for outdoor use. It has a dimension of 6.8 by 3.9 by 2 inches and weighs 2.08 ounces.

Indeed, the ThruNite Archer is a high-quality product. It is constructed from high-quality aluminum and also boasts a highly professional finish. Plus it is quite compact and light in weight.

We would also like to mention that it comes with a strong beam pattern. You can rely on it when you’re searching for something in the dark.

On a scale of 10, we’d rate it a well-served 8. Meaning it’s almost perfect.


  • Waterproof
  • 30-day free replacement guarantee
  • Convenient 2-button interface
  • Tail switch and side button to control the on/off
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Some people don’t like its button interface

7. ThruNite TN4A LED Flashlight

If you are looking for a flashlight that’s so powerful that it can blind anyone in your path, this one from Thrunite might be worth checking out. It packs 1150 lumens which is way above what we’d recommend for a standard flashlight (100 lumens to 500 lumens).

Interestingly, despite its strong output, it is quite economical in terms of battery consumption. Add that to the fact that it can conveniently be used in extreme conditions and you have a torch that’s really worth its weight in gold.

Our editors have great in this product because not only is it affordable but also due to the fact that the flashlight is portable and easy to store and transport.

In addition to that, it has an orange beam reflector. It also has an electronic metal side switch that makes it possible for silent operation and durable use.


  • Designed for convenience
  • Ease-to-use
  • The side switch is quick and simple to operate with one hand
  • Impact-resistant
  • Waterproof


  • Doesn’t come with rechargeable batteries

8. Fenix E12Pocket-Size Flashlight

One of the reasons why we highly rate this flashlight is that its build quality is on top of the world. Plus, it is also quite light in weight owing to the fact that its case is made from aluminum alloys.

Its beam is also quite decent. And that’s made even better by the fact that you can adjust the intensity of it to meet your exact needs. That’s a really cool feature right there.

The Fenix is powered by conventional AA batteries. That said, there are versions of it that can be powered through AAA batteries. So, you really won’t struggle to find battery replacements for it.

Finally, it has a waterproof body which makes it ideal for missions in the rain or flooded settlements. So, once again, a really well-made torch for the price.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Impact resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Used anywhere


  • Not clear if it can be used for diving

9. Coast Polysteel line LED Flashlight

The new Polysteel line flashlight is perfect for anyone who works or plays in rough-and-tough environments. This is due to the fact that it is designed for extreme durability.

This product is quite well made. Its exterior is particularly made from high-quality stainless steel and comes wrapped in a nice and grippy texture.

Its steel body makes it an ideal choice for situations that demand resilience. As you know, stainless steel is way tougher than plastic.

Moving on, we absolutely love the beam quality of this torch. It lights up really well and its focus is absolutely worth marveling at.


  • Waterproof
  • Drop-proof
  • Crush proof
  • Tough and reliable


  • Battery cartridge sometimes corrodes

10. ThruNite Archer 500 Lumens Neutral White Flashlight

What would you do with 500 lumens at your disposal? Go hunting in the dark perhaps? Well, we believe that this particular torch is ideal for different kinds of uses.

It is bright enough to find lost things in the dark. That said, it is not too bright so if you’re looking for a self-defense light that can blind your attacker, you might want to look elsewhere.

Moving on, the torch is made from high-quality aluminum and boasts an anti-abrasive finish. So, it’s got the durability we all yearn for and the looks to boot.

And to make the deal even sweeter, the company is currently providing a 30-day free replacement guarantee. So, if you don’t like it within those first 30-days, they’ll provide you with a replacement at no extra cost. That sounds like a reasonable deal to us.


  • High-efficiency LED emitters
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Impact resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Strobe mode useful in an emergency


  • The body is a bit too thin for some people

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11. Fenix LD22 2015 Edition 300 Lumens Led Lights 

We live in a world where it’s so difficult to know what will happen next. And for that reason, it makes sense to invest in a flashlight with SOS functions such as this one.

Of course, there is more to it than just its strobe and SOS functionalities. Its beam is quite bright and reliable. You can conveniently use it for activities like caving, climbing, hiking or even camping.

Looking for something that’s durable? This flashlight is entirely made from quality, aircraft-grade aluminum. Now we all know just how tough and durable this kind of material can get. Don’t we?

And to make sure that it looks good, the manufacturer has done ahead and given it a hard-anodized finish. It might not be perfect but it’s surely worth trying.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable body
  • Reliable batteries
  • Unbelievably bright


  • Complex & expensive compared to the preceding L2D-CE series

12. Klarus LED 700 Lumens Flashlight

This flashlight from Klarus is a perfect bet for anyone looking for reliability. It has the potential to provide you with up to 50,000 hours of life. And most importantly its beam is quite stable.

One thing we particularly liked about it is that it is small and light in weight. In fact, it weighs a paltry 1 ounce without the battery. So you can imagine just how lightweight it is.

Moving on, the Klarus comes with a built-in battery capacity indicator. This comes in handy in showing you just how much battery is remaining for good preparedness.


  • Small and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Battery capacity indication


  • Its button taps ways too easily

13. Nitecore MT2A CREE XP-G2 R5 LED 345 Lumen Multi-Task Flashlight

If you’re looking for something that’s compact in size and high in performance, you’ve got to love what Nitecore has to offer here. For starters, it is light in weight and, therefore, ideal to carry anywhere you might go.

Besides that, it has a versatile beam profile and you can conveniently use it for different conditions i.e. flood & throw.

On top of that, it comes with a handy pocket clip which makes it quite easy to carry around. And of course, there’s a handy instruction manual in the box for you.


  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Battery life reliable
  • Aero Grade Aluminum Alloy


  • Not as bright as advertised

14. ReyLight Pineapple Flashlight

Who else loves pineapples? This flashlight from Reylight is not only good looking but also quite grippy. Its section is made up of grooves which make it easy to operate even in slippery conditions.

At 3.2 ounces, it’s not really the lightest one available but we happen to think that’s quite tolerable. So, it might not be ideal for day-to-day carrying. But if you need flashlights every once in a while, this one would still suffice.

And to make up for the extra ounces, it comes with a built-in pocket clip. So, you can conveniently stash it in your travel bag or pocket.


  • Portable
  • Orange reflector
  • Easy to operate


  • Not the lightest AA flashlight on the market

15. ThruNite TN4A LED Flashlight

Armed with the latest LED technology, this flashlight has all the bells and whistles a picky buyer might be looking for. It produces a clean beam which does a good job of lighting up even the darkest of all caves in the world.

On top of that, it boasts intelligent temperature control features. These features come in handy in preventing overheating.

Moving on, the Thrunite TN4A boasts an electronic switch. This comes in handy when you want to operate it silently.

We absolutely love the fact that it uses AA batteries which, as you already know, are easy to find.


  • Designed for convenience and ease-to-use
  • Impact-resistant
  • Water resistance
  • The side switch is quick and simple to operate with one hand


  • Has a finicky battery holder

AA vs AAA Flashlights

The difference between these two types of torches is simple – the kind of batteries they use. AA batteries are slightly larger than AAA ones.

AAA flashlights are renowned for being small in size and easy to transport. However, they are quite small in size and are, therefore, best used when affixed to the keychain or something.

They might be good for day-to-day use but are also quite limited in terms of beam strength. For that, you need something that’s a lot more powerful and that’s where the AA family comes in.

They have slightly larger batteries and also a lot more power. As such, they can be relied upon as tools to confidently navigate through the dark. In most cases, these lights produce between 50 lumens and 500 lumens.

Just how powerful is that? Well, that’s just enough to walk your dog at night. It can also come in handy when you need to find any small items you might have dropped somewhere.

As such, AAA flashlights combine two crucial benefits i.e. power and portability. And that’s why some people find them difficult to live without.

If you’re one of those, worry not as we have a buying guide right here to help you make an informed choice.

Buying Guide

In our view, there are a few factors which are highly important when it comes to choosing a torch or flashlight if you may. The most important factor of them all is the type of batteries you’d like to use. Stick around, let’s break that further down for you.

Battery Types

Of course, any flashlight ranked as AA is meant to use batteries of this size and caliber. But then, two types of AA batteries exist i.e. disposable and rechargeable ones.

The ones you choose depend on your personal preferences. The rechargeable ones are a bit expensive though quite practical to use in the long-run. Single-use ones are ideal for temporary use although they need to be replaced every so often.

Body Material

The bodies of the flashlights are made using different kinds of materials. Cheap AA flashlight bodies are typically made from plastic. As you know, plastic isn’t the most durable material available although it still can get the job done.

If you’re looking for a badass flashlight, your best bet is to go for stainless steel and aluminum material variants. The good thing with torches made using these tough materials is that they can be used for self-defense when the need arises plus they last quite long.

The Light

Of course, the main reason why we buy flashlights is so that we can use them to light our paths. Therefore, the stronger the beam of light produced, the better.

The brightness level of a flashlight is measured in the form of lumens. As the Department of Energy likes to put it, lumens are to light what gallons are to milk. The more lumens there are in a flashlight, the better the visibility you can get from it at night.

In our view, a flashlight that emits 450 to 500 lumens is quite powerful and reliable. Anything below that might still be usable but not really as bright.

Size and Weight

This is a crucial factor worth paying attention to especially as far as portability is concerned. You basically want to end up with a torch that easily fits into your pockets or travel bags. At the same time, it should be light enough and convenient to use for long hours.

Normally, the larger the flashlight, the higher the chances that it will be heavy and also quite challenging to carry. This can be made worse when it is made from a stainless steel body.

Frequently Asked questions

As usual, our editors took a moment to respond to some of the commonly raised questions about not just AA flashlights but AAA flashlights in general.

How long do AAA batteries last in a flashlight?

A typical AAA battery is capable of providing an average of 1000 mAh which is just enough to last for 50 hours or thereabouts. But then, the brighter the flashlight the higher the chances that it will use up the batteries faster.

What brands of flashlights to do cops use?

Police officers and law enforcement agents use the most powerful flashlights available. In particular, they use ones from the Streamlight brand although this may vary from one jurisdiction to the next one.

How many lumens is a good flashlight?

We’d recommend anything that falls between 100 lumens and 500 lumens. But if you’re looking for a torch that’s so bright that it blinds everyone in your path, you might want to go for 1,000 lumens and above.

Best Pick

Questions like what’s the best flashlight on Amazon and what’s the best, smallest but brightest flashlight are asked quite often. But in our view, one AA flashlight is difficult to ignore – The Streamlight 88061 ProTac.

It’s a powerful choice that provides you with a decent 350 lumens. We’d recommend it for day-to-day use as it’s quite stable and durable.


With the best-made AA flashlight, you would no longer have to make shots in the dark. And with that said, we hope that you have found the buying guide above useful in your quest to make an informed choice.

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